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The New Generation of Gentlemen.

Updated on April 2, 2016

Dating is really complicated nowadays, men have demanding requirements about how should the women, they will date, be like, but they also are becoming lazy and disinterested. Where are those distinguished gentlemen from the old times to court the ladies with refined compliments and polite expressions of interest? Where are those who sent courtship cards asking to escort the ladies? Where are the gentlemen like Mr. Darcy from Jane Austen's time?

Mr. darcy and Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice.
Mr. darcy and Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice.

The respectable gentlemen of old times used to send discreetly courtship cards with eloquent and charming phrases to the ladies saying things like "Dear Miss: I will risk everything for you if you just allow me to escort you to the door of your home, Yours sincerely" or "Dear Miss: you are exquisite and delicate, your eyes glow like stars in the sky and I will be miserable if I cannot love you, Always yours" but today's modern gentlemen only send us a message on Whatsapp or Facebook telling us "Sup girl, wanna hang?" Or a simple "Movies tonight?". What's wrong with these actual men who are more and more mediocre at the moment of conquering a woman?

When you are dating, there are very rare men who will open the car door for you, give you flowers on the first date, help you with your chair before you sit down and do all those romantic and gallant gestures that the gentlemen used to do. Nowadays some men don't even come to your door when they pick you up for a date, they prefer to honk from the car or just send you a text message saying they are outside. And definitely you are lucky if at the end of the date he is offering to pay the bill.

Unfortunately, women are also to blame here because they accept this kind of treatment. There are some women who allow men not to be a gentlemen with them because they do not want to look fussy or picky, they want to look like the cool girl. On the list of demands that men ask from a women nowadays they want a woman who is not complicated or dramatic. They don´t want to try too hard for them, which makes some women reduce their expectation of what a gentleman should look like and conform herself with the lame attention that they get.

Even the songs from today have changed radically. In 1955 the Platters were singing "Only You" with beautiful and romantic lyrics like "Only you can make this change in me/ For it's true/ You are my destiny/ When you hold my hand I understand the magic that you do/ You're my dream come true/ My one and only you" and just 55 years later in 2010 Enrique Iglesias sings for the ladies "Here's the situation/ Been to every nation/ Nobody's ever made me feel the way that you do/ You know my motivation/ Given my reputation/ Please excuse me, I don't mean to be rude/ But tonight I'm f****** you", well... at least he apologized.

There are a million songs nowadays that make us wonder "¿HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE?". How can a song be so rude calling a woman b****, talking just about sex, including misogynistic lyrics and the worst part is that even women are singing these songs with happiness! What is going on with this people? Where are gentlemen today? How can a woman accept this kind of behavior?

Controversial Blurred Lines video by Robin Thicke's.
Controversial Blurred Lines video by Robin Thicke's.

I don't want this article to look sexist, I repeat what I mentioned in my other articles, I don’t think that all men are the same, there are some exceptions. But if you are a man and you are reading this article, try harder to be a better men for this crazy world, be a gentleman. I read a post on Facebook from a man saying "Not all men are the same, some of us are worse" so do not include yourself in this group! The group of the worst! Those who do not respect women and expect everything to be easy. If you are woman and dating, choose wisely who you will go out on a date with, make it clear that you know what you're worth and you wish to be treated with respect and dignity, do not be afraid to seem fussy, the worst thing that can happen is lose a douchebag who will not strive to get you at all. Maybe in the future you can meet a true gentleman, because they exist! Very few nowadays, almost extinct, but there still are some, we should be positive about this.

Gentlemen music videos nowadays


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    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 2 years ago from Southern Illinois

      I must agree with you. Some of the rap songs are so degrading to women, yet women are now doing the same kind of rap. I know I feel special when a man helps me with my coat or pulls a chair out for me.

    • profile image

      yessica 2 years ago

      I think the blame is women who do not demand more respect

    • profile image

      albashab 2 years ago

      great takiss...for sorry life is chang anywhere !!

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 2 years ago from The Caribbean

      TaKiss, I have some of the same questions you ask. Women now have the task of training their boys in good graces of gentlemen, and also of letting the adult men know their preferences. Let's help the situation by helping them. On the other hand, let's applaud those who perform with class.