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The New Year! (Christian poem)

Updated on January 14, 2015

Hear ye! Hear ye!

Grace and mercy see!

What joy to face the new year with Him so ever near!


That’s why it makes me cry, to see some wander by and by

Welcoming the new year with greed and pride---to do all over again all sins and strife


Blessed Savior let them be, cleansed from sin, draw them to thee

For years are waste if they not see

May they be spared by thine grace and mercy


May they, too, come face to face

To behold thy glory, holiness and grace.


For those sealed with the holy ghost,

For those who are no longer foes,

May they be more faithful; in Christ, grow and grow!


All that you are, ay you guide us more to know

And by thy grace, obedience sow


Hear ye! Hear ye! A final word to say,

Jesus glorified! Serve Him everyday!

Glory to God in the highest!

In Him alone shall my lowly soul rest.


-Soli Deo Gloria!



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    • sujinmikee profile image

      Sujin Mikee 3 years ago from Philippines

      Thank you very much! To God alone be the glory! And of course you can =0) It's a privilege (for God's glory) to be a blessing =0)

    • Michael-Milec profile image

      Michael-Milec 3 years ago


      Just a closer walk with Jesus. Whatever awaits us we will walk victoriously, strengthened by the mighty Spirit of Living God, to His glory, To His glory only.

      Voted beautiful.

    • Ben716 profile image

      Alianess Benny Njuguna 3 years ago from Kenya

      Wow! A wake-up call to God's people!

      I love this poem, sweet and at the same time inviting, reminding as the year has started, to ponder, and return to God's fold, living His way.

      Is it possible to give me permission to print it and post it in my room for my viewing and those who visit me, of course with your name.