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The New Year's Eve Invasion

Updated on January 1, 2014
It was fireworks at first, then something else came, something from the skies.
It was fireworks at first, then something else came, something from the skies. | Source

He woke up to the sound of a firework; the sky was getting lit up, his dream forgotten. What was I dreaming about? He thought to himself. He was sweating, loads of it; he looked at his shirt, a puddle of sweat formed around the neck part of the shirt. Shame it was his favourite shirt, afterall. Coloured blue, with designs of gold and silver at the sides, forming some sort of vines around it, in the middle, words printed in colour white, “The sky is the limit.” The sounds of fireworks banged his ears, early on, there was no such sound to be heard, it was a silent night, but now, that has changed. He could hear the sound of people counting off, outside the room where he decided to sleep.

“Five!!!! Four!!!! Three!!!! Two!!!! ONE!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!”Everyone outside the room shouted. Its New Year After All, how did I manage to forget? He had to go out, out of that dimmed lighted room. The sky was getting filled by fireworks, or so he thought. He could not see from the room, there was no window, just a lamp and a bed. The lamp shone a brownish colour around the room, soothing to the eyes, he wished he could stay, but people are waiting and it was getting hotter by the minute. People were shouting, having fun, he tried to go out. He tried the doorknob, it would go all the way through, but the door won’t budge. He bashed it with his arms, but to no avail, he was locked in, rather, he was blocked in. What the heck? What’s blocking me in? “Open UP! SOMEONE! HELP!” he shouted as hard as he could, but no one could hear, he was stuck. He kept bashing the door, shouting for help, for at least a minute, and then there was a huge bang. BOOOOOOMMMMMM, then followed by an earthquake. The room shook violently, he was scared. He grabbed hold of the walls around the door, squatting position, he looked up thinking that the roof was about to fall under him. More explosions, people started to shout, they shouted in a very violent manner. He kicked, banged the door harder, shouted harder for help, but no one came, the lamp shook, spun around the table, then stopped at the tip, then fell down to the ground, pieces of glass flew around. Without the absence of light, darkness covered the room. The explosion was no longer fireworks. The room shook, but this time, less violently. It was dark, it was like he was blind and all he can do was hear and feel the carnage outside, whatever was happening outside. He sat in a futile position, tears started to flow from his eyes, he was scared, scared beyond all belief, he just wanted to go out and face whatever was going on outside. He didn’t want to die in this room, no, that’s not a way to go; he wanted to die somewhere else, not just this room. He was scared, from the explosions from the room outside, room shaking, he had no other choice. He wept.

He remembered that night clearly, the New Year of some other year. He has lost count. How long has it been? How long has it been ever since their arrival?

He remembered the next day of the incident clearly, like it was just yesterday. He opened his eyes the next day, it was still dark in the room, but a crack from the door gave a small crevice of light into the room. It was day. His eyes were tired his body feeling frail, but the explosions of last night, the tremors, and the earthquakes were gone. It was silent. He looked at the door, it was damaged, and a crack formed around it and fragments of light shone pass through it. He thought that it was a terrorist attack on the building and now it was over, the situation is now under control, or so he thought, but he was in for a shock. He kicked the door once, the door moved a bit, he kicked it for the second and third time, and the door was knocked out the way. Light shone through his eyes, for a moment he was blinded, his eyes were not able to take the light. He covered his eyes with his hands for a while, and then he took his hands off. It was clear now, the devastation of New York City, within his own eyes. Buildings ruined, some torn in half, some brought down to the ground. The Empire State Building stood, but half of it is reduced to rubble, the Statue of Liberty was decapitated, the arm that once held the torch was now gone, into the sea, into the oblivion. Helicopters hovered around the city, maybe looking for survivors. The building he once were, was ruined, however, miraculously, the room where he stayed stood, without any damage. He looked down; the building was in rubble, the people deep inside the debris, maybe dead or alive. He squatted down, shocked, in awe of whatever may have caused the devastation, he was once again scared.

It was the Fall of New York; it was ages ago the way it felt to him. Different cities soon fell to their assaults, relentless, unwavering attacks. Towers with huge beams of light flew upon cities and cities, destroying everything in its path. Then the Calvary would land, huge beings with armour and unknown weapons that would shoot beams and beams that would dissipate any living thing in matters of seconds. Those beings fall, by a couple of rounds of bullets to certain parts of their body, but it would take ten men to take one down, and the Beings came in numbers, in artillery, in technology we would not have in the next hundreds of years. They kept going, first New York, then Los Angeles, Seattle, Beijing, Manila, Moscow, England, Mexico, D.C, all the cities of the world, destroyed within matter of months. They took down New York by surprise, Beijing in an instant, but the next few months, humankind fought back, they found weaknesses, they took advantage of it, destroyed the towers that flew over the cities, killed the Beings, humankind would not go down without a fight. The Battle for Washington was without a doubt, the turning point of the war. Militaries of the United States of America joined forces with people, men and women who wanted to fight against their oppressors. The Battle lasted for hours, land and sky, there were explosions everywhere, bullets being fired, and beams of light flew around. Soldiers, citizens died for freedom, the Beings fell to the hands of men. At the final hour of the battle, the Beings retreated, their towers of mass destruction started to fall down to the ground, creating huge explosions and alien debris around the impact zones. They lost, we won. Other cities took the strategy, took the inspiration from the battle of Washington into their people. All of Humankind fought back. Humankind was able to stall the inevitable extinction; perhaps, humankind was able to stop its extinction.

He fought hard, how many years now? Three? Four? He lost count. Now he stood in the place where it all started, New York, the last battleground for the human race against the Beings. Towering ships flew around the horizon, within plane sight, his friends, and comrades gathering around him, tanks approaching behind them, riding into the battlefield. Someone patted his back, he looked at him. It was one of his friends. “Happy New Year”, he greeted him, waving a miniature United States Flag. “Happy New Year” he greeted back to his friend with a faint smile. They both walked to the horizon, to the battlefield, with their rifles at hand, with people they trusted. They walked into the last good fight they’ll ever know.


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    • Darksage profile image

      Khen Ramos 4 years ago from Philippines

      Thank you Sir Ghaelach! Appreciate you reading one of my stories! Yes I will make more. Happy New Year there in Europe!

    • profile image

      Ghaelach 4 years ago

      Hi Darksage.

      Awesome piece of Fiction. Really enjoyed the read.

      Lets have some more.

      LOL Ghaelach

      Europe : 1:05pm

    • Darksage profile image

      Khen Ramos 4 years ago from Philippines

      Thank you Miss Faith! I decided to make something new and creative, alien invasions interested me, so why not in New Year's Eve? It's quite short but I am thankful that you enjoyed!

      Happy New Year!

    • Faith Reaper profile image

      Faith Reaper 4 years ago from southern USA

      Wow, great creative story here! Really interesting read.

      Up and more

      Happy New Year : )

      Faith Reaper