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What's next for Batman and Robin?

Updated on April 12, 2013
Damien Wayne as Robin
Damien Wayne as Robin | Source

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Stephanie Brown as Robin
Stephanie Brown as Robin | Source

Batman Needs a Robin

Few characters draw more attention to themselves; perhaps unwarranted, like Robin does. The Boy Wonder is Batman's sidekick. But in some ways, he or in certain cases, she, is so much more than a sidekick. Robin is a part of comic book history and one of the few sidekicks who has more popularity than many solo superheroes.

Many general fans give Robin a hard time. They don't think he is cool enough to even be in Batman movies. Comic book fans know the importance of Robin. Robin is the light in Batman's darkness. It is Robin that keeps the Dark Knight from going over the edge and breaking his sworn vow. Robin is a vital piece to the Batman puzzle that without, Batman would have likely gone down a far different path. Point is, Robin is extremely important to Batman. And Batman needs a Robin, especially now.

Throughout the years, Batman has had many Robin's. No one person seems to stay in the position forever. The most popular Robin, is and likely always will be Dick Grayson. The orphaned circus performer shared many similarities to Bruce Wayne. When he became the original Boy Wonder, he created the archetype of a superhero sidekick. He was strong, vulnerable, and smart. Dick was loyal, almost to a fault. He always did as Batman instructed. When Dick outgrew the Robin moniker he became Nightwing. He even wore the cowl of Batman for a short while.

Next up was Jason Todd. Jason was a rebellious spirit. Fans didn't exactly know how to react to Todd. He never got the best of shakes as Robin and the fans actually voted to kill him. And meet a gruesome death, he did. The Joker beat Todd to death with a crowbar. But in comics, it used to be no ones stayed dead forever except Uncle Ben and Jason Todd. Well, DC brought Todd back and now he serves as Red Hood and occasionally still works with his former partner after initially trying to kill him.

The third Robin was Tim Drake. He is the Robin many current comic fans may know best. He served the role for a very lengthy period of time. He was a nice blend of Dick and Jason. He has the focus and determination of Dick, but also the attitude and tenacity of Jason. Tim was a great Robin and many would like to see him return to role now that the position has opened up. Tim currently wears the mantle of Red Robin.

The fourth Robin is often also the forgotten Robin. Stephanie Brown became the first Girl Wonder. She is a character that has developed a cult following among comic readers after a great turn as Batgirl. She never got a fair chance to be a great Robin. DC has even gone out of their way to try and make people forget she ever was Robin. It's not fair to her character which is one of the best female heroes DC has in it's stable. She has yet to make any appearance in the New 52; perhaps a Robin return could reintroduce her in epic fashion.

The fifth Robin was Damien Wayne. Bruce's only son was quite an arrogant figure. He was determined to prove his ways were better than his fathers. During his time, he really got to grow and become a unique character. Damien became a fan favorite before is untimely death recently. No one is certain if Damien will stay gone for long, but one can assume he'll be out of commission for at least some period of time.

Their was also Carrie Kelley in Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. This book takes place outside DC's traditional continuity. She was fun Robin and in a limited role developed a large following. Carrie has just been introduced in the New 52, marking her first real appearance in the DC Universe. It's unknown if she'll don the Robin uniform for real, but the possibility is always there.

At this time, the topic of who should be the next Robin is a hot button. Everyone has their opinions and it seems several characters are poised to take the mantle. There are many who believe Harper Row will be the next Robin. It would be great to see a female Robin again. I am always in support of giving female superheroes a chance to shine. For my money, I'd like to see Harper or Stephanie become the new Robin. But until then, lets enjoy the roller coaster DC Comics has put us on recently.

All of the Robin's Collected
All of the Robin's Collected | Source


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