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The Night Before Election Day

Updated on December 4, 2013

Obama Says Good bye

The night before elections, all through the White House, Both Democrats and Republicans were scrambling about. President Obama slept in his bed while visions Of Obama care danced in his head. Michele wide awake she couldn't sleep, so she made out school menu's of what our children should eat. The girls seemed not bothered at all, they dreamed of their friends and trips to the mall

.Both party's were sweating afraid they'd get caught so they hid fake documents away in a volt.. Hillery wasn't worried she had made plans what she would do if it all hit the fan.

Democrats and Republicans like preschoolers they cried, just couldn't agree no matter how hard they tried.

The votes all counted Obama had lost. What will he do now that he is no longer boss. As Obama stepped down the republicans shouted with glee.The democrats cried, how can this be.

Obama on his plane ready to fly raised his hand to say good bye.The crowd all swore they heard him say .Now Bush and Reagan ,Kennedy and the rest. This job isn't easy ,but you guys were the best. They heard him exclaim as the plane vanished from sight .Good night America to all good night.


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