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I Love You.....

Updated on June 5, 2011

Love the Night

The night had just begun...The sweet I smell upon.

As I hold you tight in the middle of the night.

So close, so right...You hold me so tight.

Your lips on my cheeks as I hold you into my bossom.

You covered me and I feel you deep within me.

I heard a soft, so calm..

You said; I love you..........And that's all I want.

 A heart in the Sky
A heart in the Sky | Source


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    • fiveup profile image

      fiveup 6 years ago

      thanx!vilma... u can make your own poetry or anything in your mind. and it's free to post it here.

    • profile image

      vilma 6 years ago

      nice message and i love it

    • fiveup profile image

      fiveup 6 years ago

      thanks! TheWhisper

    • TheWhisper profile image

      TheWhisper 6 years ago from Macomb,MI

      I can smell the cool night air emanating from your beautiful poetry. Live well night walker.

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