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The Night the Angels Came

Updated on May 18, 2011

Scene 1

The stage a few minutes before the curtain goes up. Mrs. (name) is speaking with one of the students.

Mrs. (name): (clapping her hands) “Alright, alright, everyone, it's almost showtime! Here, (Child #1), I mended these wings. Take them backstage to the angels for me.”

Child #1: “Why do we have to have to have angels? It's not like they're real.”

Mrs. (name): “Why, of course they are. (frowning) Why would you think they aren't real?”

Child #1: “Maybe they were 2000 years ago but have you ever seen one? In all my years, I've never seen one.”

Mrs. (name): “Well, we'll have to talk about this later. It's curtain time!”

Mrs. (name) and (Child #1) hurry off the stage and the house lights go down.

Spotlight on center floor. MC gives greeting. MC sits down. Spotlight off.

Scene 2

Stage left-front. Christmas Eve at Grandpa's house. Living room setting with sofas, chairs, floor pillows, Christmas tree. People sitting, standing and talking with each other. Grandpa enters from stage right.

Grandpa: “Hi everybody!” (smiling)

All: “Grandpa!”

Everyone greets Grandpa and he sits down.

Grandpa: “Well, it's Christmas Eve. Are you guys ready for tomorrow?” (smiling)

All: “YES!”

Child #2: (climbing on Grandpa's lap) “Grandpa, would you tell us a story?”

Grandpa: “What story would you like?”

Child #3: “You know, the one about baby Jesus.”

Grandpa:Again???” “You guys know that story by heart!” (laughing)

All:Please, Grandpa!” “It's our favorite Christmas story!”

Grandpa: (still laughing) “Okay!” “Okay!” “Everybody sit down.”

Grandpa picks up his Bible and opens it and begins to read Luke 2:4-20. When he is finished he closes his Bible.

Child #4: “I wonder how Mary felt waking up one morning and finding that her life was going to be changed forever?”

Lights fade. Spotlight on Mary. Front stage right.

Song #1 – Mary Did You Know?

Mary exits. Lights up.

Child #5: “Grandpa, what do you think the angels were thinking?” “Do you think they thought the baby Jesus was cute?”

Grandpa: (smiling) “I'm sure they did (Child #5). “I don't think the angels had seen anything more amazing. That's why they sang that night so long ago.”

Child #1: (frowning, throwing hands in the air, out loud to himself) “Angels, again!” “Why does everyone get so excited about angels?” “There are no angels!” “That would be a miracle!”(pouting, with arms crossed)

Lights fade. Spotlight on angels. Front and ledge-stage right. Two tiny angels on tip-toe look into the manger. The rest of the angels are behind them.

Song #2 –

Angels exit. Lights up.

Child #6: “Could you imagine being a shepherd and seeing the angels? (Child #1 interrupts) Child #1: (rolling his eyes with big sigh) “Angels!” Child#6: (getting nose-to-nose with Child) “Yes, angels, (turning away from Child) and the baby Jesus. I wish I could have been there!”

Several Children: “So do I!” “Me, too!”

Grandpa: “I'm sure they had never experienced anything like this. I'll bet those shepherds didn't sleep at all that night they were so excited. I can just imagine them having one BIG party!” (chuckling)

Lights fade. Spotlight on shepherds. Stage right.

Song #3 –

Shepherds exit. Lights up.

Child #7: (excited) “Wow, Grandpa, it must have been awesome!” “Angels and shepherds, and a big 'ole star!””I should have been there!”

Grandpa: (laughing) “I know how you feel” “It was a pretty wondrous night.”

Lights stay up and kids around Grandpa sing.

Song #4: -

Child #8: “I can't wait until tomorrow.” “Christmas!” “Presents!”

Child #9: “Santa!” (all the children cheer)

Grandpa: (laughing, then serious) “That's all great--but we must never forget that the greatest gift was the gift of Jesus. God loved us so much that He gave us His only son. It's a gift that continues year after year. That's pretty powerful love.

Doorbell rings.

Grandpa: “Come in!”

Enter Neighbor from stage right.

Neighbor: “Hi, everyone!”

All: “(neighbor)!”

Neighbor: What are you guys doing?”

Child #10: “Grandpa read us the story about baby Jesus and we were imagining how it was at that first Christmas with the angels and shepherds.”

Neighbor: “How fun!” “You know, the gift of God's son, Jesus, just keeps on going. It never stops.”

Child #11: “What do you mean, (Neighbor)?”

Neighbor: (at a fast clip)“Well...the Father gave us Jesus, and Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit gives us life. Understand?”

All: “Kind of...”

Neighbor: “Come over here and let me explain it a little better.”

Scene 3

Neighbor and children move to front center stage and ledge. Spotlight on Neighbor and children. Dim lights behind them.

Song #5 – And the Gift Goes On

Neighbor: “So you see, the Gift--Jesus, isn't just for Christmas. Jesus is a gift we can share and give every single day.” “Well, guys, gotta go. See you on Sunday!”

All: “Bye (neighbor)!”

Neighbor exits.

Scene 4

Children return to living room. Lights up.

Grandpa: “Well, it's getting late and I know some kids that need to be getting to bed!” (smiling)

All: “Ooohhh...”

Grandpa: We've had a great time tonight, and we've helped each other remember the true meaning of Christmas. God's gift of Jesus. “Ready to sing that song?”

All: “Yeah!”

Song #6: - Happy Birthday

All: “Happy Birthday, Jesus!”

Grandpa: “As Charles Dickens wrote in A Christmas Carol, Merry Christmas to all...”

All: “...and to all a good night!”

Wave to audience. Wait for applause.

Scene 5

Play is over. Everyone has taken their bows. People are still on the stage. Mrs. (name) and Child #1 are talking. Suddenly a group of children run on stage carrying angel costumes. They approach Mrs. (name).

Children: “Mrs. (name)!” “Mrs. (name)!”

Mrs. (name): “Oh, children! You were wonderful and you sang so beautifully!”

Children looking at each other confused, shrugging and shaking heads.

Child #12: “What do you mean? “

Child #13: “We had car problems. We just got here.”

Child #14: “I hope we didn't ruin the play!”

Mrs. (name): (stunned, speaking slowly)“I don't understand...if you weren't here...who …”

Child #1: (quietly, in awe) “Angels...”

Everyone with surprised looks. Wait for applause. Final bows. Lights fade. Everyone exits. House lights go up. Acknowledgments.


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    • Sylvia's Thoughts profile image

      Sylvia Van Peebles 6 years ago from Southern California

      Thank you Emma! Sure, I'll take a look.

    • Emma Zimmer profile image

      Emma Zimmer 6 years ago from USA

      This makes me in the mood for Christmas!

      ~Emmy Zimmer

      PS could you take a look at my hub?


    • writer20 profile image

      Joyce Haragsim 6 years ago from Southern Nevada

      Good luck to your perfomance.

      I read the angel story and thought it was marvellous.

    • Sylvia's Thoughts profile image

      Sylvia Van Peebles 6 years ago from Southern California

      I want to perform it, hopefully this year.

    • writer20 profile image

      Joyce Haragsim 6 years ago from Southern Nevada

      a wondeful Christmas story, thank you