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The Night to Forget

Updated on June 22, 2019
YoloWithYoyo profile image

Watching Horror films as a kid, there was always an artistic view that was able to be seen. Mix with real life scenarios and here’s a poem

House of Horrors

You used to talk about the days you were hurt. For a matter of fact I still, to this day, always remembered the blood stains he left on your shirt.

As we walk through the park the smile on your face, there no denial that heaven is a place.

The pain and remorse of surviving that night. The way you fall asleep and scared without light

Spark in your heart shared with mine.

It’s been very hard to go back to the time, where you looked up to see

Me standing there with the brigade by my side.

I remember your face and the fear in mine. Holding back the tears I had, the scene around us was absurd and mad.

A promise is a promise and I meant to keep it, I’ll hold your hand any time the memories seep in.

Your mind, like no other and eyes with pain. The stars in the sky, will spell out your name.

Written in the stars, our path is destined...but that night as the house... our minds keep on wrestling.

We came in guns were blazing

Smoke and gunpowder in the air.

The culprit, cunning, timid, manipulative as can be. Running toward her and grabbing her by the neck and choked her out right in front of me.

The time was up, The night was tonight. We were getting her out regardless of the fight.

Never before has this happened here. Imagine a massacre in which no one had care.

Like a punch from Mohamed Ali, right into the gut. The screams you roared, as the doors went shut.

Light out, stab and ache. These were the nights where we thought about cake.

The birthday parties you never had, to the friendships which were now all bad.

As you slammed to the ground, your ribs crackle. He would step on you To see if you’d let out a Cackle.

The visions are vivid and the trauma was there. I wish i could have prevented and taken you far away before landing there.

Well,a few years back,

As crazy as this sounds

I remember the sounds of sirens the cops as they were near.

The look on her face

Screams and shouts was all anyone could here.

Doors open with flash bang blasting

The community, friends and families, grocery marketing and lush flowers, smiles and cheer with music in the air.

Well that’s the scene just outside,

The life of the few who were trapped in that house. The luckiest one was the little mouse.

Best friend for life, like The Green Mile. No one to love but mouse in the house.

Did they turn their faces so there would be no obvious stare or was it fact that not one of the neighbors knew they were there.

Shots went off and all hell broke loose,

When you grabbed the gun and ran far back, we held your cover and faced the attack.

Dogs in the park, grass so lush. Our puppy seems to be taking a walk.

From the corner of her eye came the mother hawk, soaring with venture to the nest with what looked like a fork.

The vision of death, gore and fate. How could a monster be so berate.

You grabbed my hand as he chased us out back.

The house of horrors with with knives, forks and chains, the last victim he killed, We could see her brains.

Plucked from her nose with scars all over, gash to the leg and electric shocks to the face.

The amount of light which could seep through the cracks, was barrel visible like the blackout smack.

Might as well be late, maybe the morning. We couldn’t tell since the whole place was crawling. Boobie traps on every turn.

Imagine Jigsaw was real and in your backyard.

No way to live through the horrors unveiled. No wonder the all of us felt unreal.

The unspeakable horrors to persons in captivity, why would this happen in the backyard of our city.

Just went to show the tools for construction, disassembles people, or simply take a hammer and bludgeon

The fire battle continued as the screams drew louder.

The lake is beautiful with your reflection shining. I know that the zen is simply blinding. The past, the fear, the hate, the tear.

As the community raged with fire from militia, the reality sunk it

The House of Horrors was sitting right here

Clear as day

Not a person ever to come on over,

Stop by and say

“How could these atrocities have happened right here? Why had nobody said... “

“We got him! Domino down”

I hear the the officer exclaim on the radio.

As the gunfire died down and the smoke began to clear,

They grabbed his limp leg and dragged him down the stairs

The screams of pain,

The yells he let out. The ideas in mind.

He screamed out loud as the girl took her time.

“I’m innocent I swear, it was her over there!!”

They punched him in the face and said

“Don’t you f’king dare”

She came up to him with a microwave and pitch fork. The cops went for lunch while I stayed with the woman.

What happened next was never spoken of again.

But his vocals were fried and his head was dead.

Tied him down with spikes through the arm. So much for that piece of craps cunning charm.

The teeth slowly plucked one by one.

Remembering the people who were already done.

The rest is history and the details non important. But tonight accomplishment brought life back to the scene.

We know who you are and where you’ve been. You’re a devil,a murdered, a wizard of sin.

The stench, the blood, the level of every sin.

You killed, tortured, kidnapped and raped, i sure hope your life was well worth the take. No matter the time nor breath in mind,

Brown stains and blood, visions of death.

She hold my hand and tuck in her head.

“Thank you for that day, and never giving up. My time was then, but you had not had enough of me... the ice cream truck over there seems sweet, let’s grab one and escape the heat.

The cops came over to interview her,

Wrapped her up and we were out of sight.

That was the last time we ever looked back on to that night.

Her hand was safe here mind was boggled.

The night of freedom was traumatic as hell.

We hopped on the flight and that’s the rest of this tale.

“I’m telling you baby

Your safety is key,

Love and passion is all you’ll get from me. So stay or not, make a choice.

I’m glad you’re safe. Let’s now hear YOUR voice.”

© 2019 YoloWithYoyo


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