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The Nightmare was Quiet and Calm

Updated on November 3, 2013

The child’s imagination was exploding,

his dreams corroding,

there was no reason why

the dead couldn’t walk or talk,

and the nights couldn’t terrify,

the child was resting on his pillow,

the nightmare was quiet and calm,

as his face cradled in a shadow’s palm,

redness in his eyes,

and only the child’s soul cries,

the child just slept,

as if he’d forgotten that life existed,

his soul wept,

and truly resisted,

but the child was locked,

into an undisturbed nightmare,

while disturbing shadows filled the air,

then there was a crucifix

without the body of Christ,

nailed to the floor,

and a demonic expression

waited for the child by the door,

it was over,

the child’s soul was sure,

an innocense so pure,

it had to be a demon’s cure,

finally, the nightmare was no more.

© 2012 Frank Atanacio


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    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 5 years ago from Shelton

      Sueswan you r too funny :) bless you

    • profile image

      Sueswan 6 years ago

      Hi Frank,

      If I have a nightmare tonight, it's your fault. ;-)

      Voted up and awesome.

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 6 years ago from Shelton

      LOL thanks Ms Brooks.. confused you did I? LOL you are sweet for reading

    • Deborah Brooks profile image

      Deborah Brooks Langford 6 years ago from Brownsville,TX

      You scared me with this one.. it was great as usual. Mr. Frank is right you do dark very well.AND YOU ARE THE MAN..LOL..

      I voted up and awesome'debbie

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 6 years ago from Shelton

      H-- your work lightens so many burdens.. I love reading your work after reading dark writes.. and so many hubbers do dark well.. you're the MAN H.. wait.. I don't mean you're a man. I mean you're the man or Da Man.. Nevermind you're the best!

    • Hyphenbird profile image

      Brenda Barnes 6 years ago from America-Broken But Still Beautiful

      The dreams of children should always be sweet. Some go through terrible things while awake that haunt their dreams at night. May the angels watch over every one of them. The crucifix without Christ does not upset me because I know He resides well and alive at the right hand of God.

      Frank, your mind goes places where mine watches astounded and amazed. I think I shall go write something sweet. lol

    • Senoritaa profile image

      Senoritaa 6 years ago

      LOL. I know, right? Would be highly dramatic.

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 6 years ago from Shelton

      thank you senoritaa.. are you suggesting we write one together? could be fun and dramatic LOL

    • Senoritaa profile image

      Senoritaa 6 years ago

      In the dead of the nights the demon seemed to have forgotten what he was looking for as the child's innocent soul cried (or smiled).

      I want to say "chilling" work!!

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 6 years ago from Shelton

      thanks Raciniwa..:) for reading.. and right back at you Eiddwen.. I hope to continue to follow and read your hubs too :) Bless you both

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 6 years ago from Wales

      Great work and here's to so many more to share on here.

      You are very gifted Frank and I look forward to following you on here in this coming year ahead.

      Take care and enjoy your day.


    • raciniwa profile image

      raciniwa 6 years ago from Naga City, Cebu

      just so horrific, the pictures so vivid, you've described it clearly...i had my share of nightmares too and part of child's walk through the vast rooms of the soul...

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 6 years ago from Shelton

      thanks so much writer20 you're the best :)

    • writer20 profile image

      Joyce Haragsim 6 years ago from Southern Nevada

      Wonderful creepy poem. Vote up and awesome, my friend.

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 6 years ago from Shelton

      Thank you Audrey for always being there.. and Cara you know when I wrote the crucifix without Christ I too got the shivers.. so I figure I'd leave it in.. thanks so much for sharing this nightmare :) Frank

    • Cara.R profile image

      Cara.R 6 years ago from New York

      Beautiful Frank,

      It truly describes, for me anyway, the adult version of what it was like to have nightmares as a child. I use to have nightmares as a kid all the time. When you mention the cross and Christ not being there, it sent chills down my back. I use to have nightmares about Christ and a snake that was trying to kill me. (I think it was my mind trying to understand my religion, when I first went to Catholic school.) Awesome Hub!

    • AudreyHowitt profile image

      Audrey Howitt 6 years ago from California

      This one really sent shivers down my spine---it is the stuff of nightmares--and I loved it!

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 6 years ago from Shelton

      Thanks MLJ for stopping by.. and Sky good little poem there was it yours? and Justateacher you're still topps!

    • justateacher profile image

      LaDena Campbell 6 years ago from Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Near Oz...

      Wow...creepy...will probably induce nightmares!!!

    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      If I had my own words to describe the chill! A crucifix without the body of Jesus . The demons that awaits the soul with that child sleeping like he was dead. How could I even dream of describing in true fashion? But I know what I will do just for you.

      From one of my hero's

      Darkness falls across the land

      The midnite hour is close at hand

      Creatures crawl in search of blood

      To terrorize yawls neighbourhood

      Keep up the work


    • mljdgulley354 profile image

      mljdgulley354 6 years ago

      Frank I remember having nightmares as a child. Great read.