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The Ninety-One Year Old Billionaire

Updated on April 5, 2010

The 91 Year Old Billionaire.

It was the only

secondhand thing he owned,
although it was quite

fancy and coveted by many
whenever they happened

to notice it.

But it pestered him

at how much

it took away,
from the valued

moments of his life,
and he could'nt help

but stare at it,
anxious at how it

moved ever so slightly,
even if he wasn't

looking at it.

Sadly he was rich

beyond measure,
except for this

one damnation,
constantly reminding

him that another

precious minute
had just past.

They found it lying

on his bedstand

its face hammered into

scrap metal and glass

and his face devoid of life

mouth agape at his losses


Surrounded by wealth

plus an old secondhand

no longer working watch,

they hauled him

ungracefully away

stripped his fine clothes

and drained his rich blood

embalming him

like any common man

and buried him

in common ground

leaving all he had gathered

now just secondhand items

to be auctioned off

to the higest bidder.



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