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The Noble Rose

Updated on March 10, 2014

An original poem by Laura Verderber

I don't know if an author is supposed to explain her work but I've had this mental image in my head whenever I read this poem to myself. I picture a young innocent girl (the white rose bud) playing in her garden and admiring the newly planted Spring rose. She grows into a lovely youth, full of Summertime bounty, with a bit of playful blush on her cheeks as her and the rose (pink roses) draw many admirers while blooming in full glory. Finally, much time has passed. The rose and the woman still inhabit the once carefully cultivated garden. She and the rose have grown up together through life's different stages. The woman is no longer a prized English rose, she is full of twisted branches and thorny attitude, but has settled into the Earth growing strong roots, giving shelter to those who seek it and pricking those whom presume to get too close. Her wisdom is rich and pungent like the fragrance of a decaying, deep red rose.


The Noble Rose

O youthful rose

Tremble with the wind.


And live

And grow, grow strong.

I water thy roots.


O healthy rose

Bursting with life.


Twine about

And through, through all.

I stroke thy newborn petals.

O noble rose

So grand in thy splendor.


And old

And blood, blood red.

I drown in thy fragrance.



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