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The Observer's Tale

Updated on October 26, 2013
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observer from Cornelia Kopp
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reflectioning from davinca
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transformation of consciousness from Cornelia Kopp
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The secrets of the universe from Pranav Babu

The Observer's Tale

By Tony DeLorger © 2013

I, the observer pose questions,

not necessarily in the hope of answers,

but to get a response,

a consideration that life is not as it seems,

and in my attempts at seeking truth,

it may inspire a similar quest in the reader.

I never claim a righteous belief,

simply antagonise the reader to consider,

that between extremes lies the reality,

and in that a broader perspective.

Words are powerful allies,

and if aimed at the right mark,

a catalyst to internal change.

My beliefs are secondary,

perhaps a basis of how I express myself,

but by no means definitive in my intent,

to bring consciousness to the fore,

to raise questions that require thought,

investigation and supposition.

Definitive truth is up to the individual,

to assess and qualify to appease a reasoning mind,

a mind open enough to listen

but critical enough to want convincing, want proof,

to know that from all thoughts and knowledge available,
this is how it is.

In writing one enlists emotive thoughts,

like tiny hooks that grasp a readers mind and capture it,

forcing attention and consideration,

connecting to both emotionality and intellectuality,

in an attempt to impart meaning

and substance worth pursuing,

and therefore adding to the reader's thoughts and experience

in a positive way.

This, I believe, is the quest of a writer.

To me writing is the search for answers and the revelations of discovery.


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