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The Old Chest

Updated on September 12, 2011

The Old Chest

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

In dusty chests of wood and iron,

the days gone by of treasures find,

alive in memory and hearts define,

nostalgic thoughts released.

Old frames with photos yellowed pale.

Victorian lace and hats prevail,

family scenes of mirth and care,

respite from daily hardships fair.

Caskets filled with jewellery aged,

rusted, stained and stones man-made,

imbued with velvet drawers and beds,

once shone with glittered value said.

Documents and certificates

of ownership and achievements met,

keys and buttons and epaulets,

cotton, needles and scissors vet.

Clothing mixed of lace, velour,

pinstriped suits and men’s procure,

belts and spats and gloves demure,

are folded neatly there.

This chest has been my special haul,

my childhood dreams in objects small,

of days go by but remembered all,

through family tales and laughter.

I will never forget that chest,

that box of memory’s song.


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