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The Fate Of And Elderly Gold Miner.

Updated on September 28, 2015

There once was, and elderly gold miner that prospected, for gold along the mountains high.

The man loved the sky blue Heaven that danced of soaring eagles, and of majestic birds of the wild .

The elderly man had with him a beautiful , young , vivacious adorable Indian maiden that desired younger flesh that the gold miner no longer possessed.

The Indian girl eventually ran away with a handsome Indian brave that wanted her tender soft gentle kisses, and sweet adorable hugs . The elderly prospector cried, and wept over his sweet loss, the loss of her soft lips on cold winter nights. The young, viral Indian brave in all his glorious eagle feathers rode away with her , and took her far away from the prospector with ,and Indian warrior's victory howl, like the true renegade he was.

Lost, broken down, miserable ,crushed in bitter sadness was the prospector, tired, and weathered gentle man, as he stopped to relax his weary bones under a Willow tree. He cried ,and wept longingly for her perfect love , but only memories remained.

Oh maker, and molder of our flesh, this gold hunter missed her so much. Crushed , for such a long time until something moved in the woods, and stirred in the high forest, and bushes somewhere near the high grass behind him.

Wondering about the rustling noise, he did, as his mind mixed of the girl, and raced in fearful thoughts in worried curiosity. Only nature knew what it was in it's intentions that awaited the elderly man's sad soul, as he cried in sorrow over his lost young lady that he loved.

Lovers , and sweethearts have no perfect place in natures battle plans, not where there is hunger , desire ,opportunity, and a prize.

The tired elderly man had a weak irregular beating heart anyhow, so it did not matter much, or ,and awful lot when a very large grizzly tore out his lungs, and ripped his throat . The beast swiftly gutted him , and dragged him to her den to feed her young cubs. Cute they were, the growling little bears as they took portions of the dead gold prospector.

Food for the delights of the young bear cubs, and their massive mother he became. Only could nature serve a fantastic main course to such a hungry brood of the wild, when a man is so weary. You may as well give something back to nature , if you're heart is broken ,and there is nothing to share you're love with anyhow . The prospector lost his purpose in life other than gold. Some would say it was not fair , but nature is never fair . He was better off in the bellies of the bears.

Why not serve nature in it's glory when you're number is up. Hasty it was that his throat was torn , and his blood oozed like syrup , for the eager little bears. and their mom .

Their creatures of the wild , and with appetites just like us when we get hungry. It is just nature's way of dealing with the wounded at heart. So our maker blessed what remained of him by the mountains high under the sky.


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    • stars439 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Thank you for dropping by. Not everything is meant to be liked, but some things just happen. Sometimes I like dark humor. It is not everyone's cup of tea. God Bless you.

    • bluebird profile image


      8 years ago

      I kinda like it and then again, I kinda don't! One thing is for sure, you have a style all of your own, and that is not bad - not bad at all!


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