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The Old Man And His Cane

Updated on September 14, 2019

Take Time To Smell The Roses And lend A helping Hand To A Person In Need,

I was driving to Walmart to pick up a few items when I noticed an old man walking on the highway. He was moving slowly with an aid of a cane.

The sun was sitting low in the sky, stars were already twinkling. I thought I should stop and offer the old man a ride, but I was leery. The turmoil all over the world left me fearful, but I felt ashamed, so I stopped and inquired if he wanted a ride. He said " yes " Gratefully and slowly got into my car. He apologized for being so slow.

He told me a sad story. It seems that he had been living with his daughter and son-in-law. He heard them arguing and he tearfully said " It was about me. " My daughter wanted me to stay, but my son-in-law wanted me out of their home. I was unsure what I should do, but my heart told me " I had to leave "

I prayed as I started to walk, asking God to lead me and here you came along, you looked like an angel sitting in your car, perhaps you are?

I told him that I was no angel, far from it, just a mortal with a soft heart. I told him that I only lived a few miles away and was alone. I also invited him to rest in my spare bedroom, he quickly agreed and looked so pleased.

I prepared him a nice cup of hot tea and an egg salad sandwich, He gratefully thanked me, soon he was ready to rest, I took him to my spare bedroom. He thanked me again. After a while I passed his room and heard a soft snore. I checked on him several times during the evening, each time he was quietly sleeping.

The next morning I knocked on his door and listened for a sound. I heard nothing. concerned, I opened the door, the room was empty. The bed neatly made. Sunshine filled the room. I was amazed!

Then I spied a note, " You were my angel when I needed a friend. Many times before people drove past me without a glance, I am one of God's earth angels, and you are what he meant when he said, Heb. 13 1-2 keep on loving one another as brothers and sisters. Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it. "

Tears began rolling down my face. I was extremely happy and humbled that I listened to my heart and stopped to help an old man with a cane.


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