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The Old Man and The Sea and the meaning

Updated on January 5, 2015

The real meaning and some facts

Ernest Hemingway wrote The Old Man and The Sea in 1952. Other than the story of Santiago ,the Cuban fisherman and his struggles in the sea,there are certain hidden meanings as well as some facts which are not well known to the current generation.

The real meaning revolves around the indomitable,undaunted spirit,fighting spirit,if you so wish of human beings in the midst of adversity,failure and disappointment. Remember that the old man of the story, Santiago, was unable to catch any fish for eighty four continuous and grueling days, It was his profession and way of life, what else can a fisherman do,but fish. And so on the eighty fifth, he again goes to the sea, to get that fish,a big marlin which had been eluding him and tricking him for eighty four days at a stretch. This clearly shows, man,will not and can not accept failure. In whatever we do,we must see it To the end,victory or death. In this story SantI ago wins at his own cost.

Not so well known facts. When the book was first featured in Life magazine in September 1952, five million copies of the magazine was sold out in just two days.

In 1954,Hemingway was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature for this book.

When this book was made into a movie, it was Spencer Tracey who acted as the Old Man.

This book has only 27,000 words, about 125 pages,showing it is not length that matters, but quality,depth and real understanding of the human spirit and character.


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