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The Olmec and Egyptian Civilization

Updated on July 3, 2012

Olmec and Egyptian Civilization

African Warrior and Olmec Head Monument
African Warrior and Olmec Head Monument | Source

Olmec And Egyptian Civilization

The Idea of God Came from out Of Africa: Olmec and Egyptians, the two greatest civilizations.

Olmec and Egyptian Monuments.

Collosal Olmec Head Monument and an African Warrior.

Collosal Olmec Head Monument (obviously resembling a Black Person).

I must now put an end to this deception. To all people who claim Olmec to be white: these beautifully and well crafted heads do not depict in any form, shape, or fashion the physical resemblance to any white person you know or have ever known or will ever know. Now, it's been brought forward that Europeans left their fertile lands in Europe and traveled thousands of miles to the parched deserts of North Africa to create the greatest civilization in the world's history and forgot to build one in Europe first. However, the reverse is true, the African built in Europe (Bosnia).

Olmec Pyramid (mound)

Egyptian Pyramid and Sphinx (Nose of Sphinx was blown off with cannon by Napoleon Bonaparte to hide it's blackness)

Egyptian Monument resembling a Black Person

To all those people who say the Olmec were not depicting themselves then that would not be in line with normal human behavior. As we have seen, even in our own recent history, man loves to boasts on his accomplishments. He will build statues of himself, and not someone else, and place it in the center of town for all to see his greatness (e.g. Monuments in Washington DC.).

Lincoln Monument, Washington D.C., USA (obviously depicting a white man).

The statue of Lincoln is not the resemblance of no other than Lincoln (physically), and while one may mistake Lincoln for Jefferson they will not mistake Fredrick Douglas for Lincoln whether as living beings or as sculptures. Now, back to Egypt, it is said and written for the past several hundred years that the people of Egypt and the creation of Egypt was due to everyone else who were not natural to that region but for the people that were natural to the region.

Monument depicting the likeness of great American Presidents (obviously White men).

Is the European saying he left Europe, and made a magnificent civilization in the desert of Africa but didn't first build one in Europe where it would be much easier and simpler (with more resources it may have been more spectacular). But, as we can see, to date, pyramids discovered in Europe (Bosnia) are few and may have African influence instead of vice versa. Neither any sculptures and/or artifacts suggesting the "magnificent Europeans" did as their "Olmec relatives" and created sculptures that looked other than them, why?

Volker Schlachtdenkmal (European Monument, Obviously depicting a white person)

The only people left to claim Egypt and it's previous glory are the Chinese, and for a very good reason too; they've been around long enough, have made their own monumental contributions to this world and have no need to create a false existence. There are no pyramids discovered in Europe but they are in Africa and the Americas, and in both places in sculptural and other types of artifacts the people or subjects depicted have the characteristics of an African. Eiffel Tower Greece Woman (obviously a white Person)

Now that I've cleared that up we will now move to the issue of why people do not want the African to know the truth, and what is the truth?

Let's first identify the truth: In both instances, Egypt and the Americas, there is evidence of two great civilizations that have impacted the world in profound ways touching every facet of our existence and capability to exist; from medicine, to science, to religion, and arts. We know the locations of these two places and we know the natural inhabitants, and none is European nor were they immediate relatives of the European.

So, reasonably, we can infer an exclusion of a "mysterious European" contribution to the development of these two great civilizations. Now that we have eliminated the European from this line of the equation we will delve into the issue of religion and the idea of the monotheist.

Akhenaten, the first Monotheist

If we are to agree that religion is in fact organized then you would suggest it is civilize to have religion. Religion is central to any civilization since religion spawns order/law/rule; giving opportunity to grow. Based on what we know so far we can, again infer, that the idea of an Almighty God is central to Religion, which can only survive in a civilized environment and vice versa. Hence, the Almighty Elohim coming out of Africa (Egypt).

Akhenaten papyrus, depicting the worship of a "one God" (ATON).

The very idea of God, and that he must be worshiped came out of Africa.

Finally, if from our earlier exclusion of the European influence of the Egyptian and Olmec civilizations are correct, then we can reasonably conclude that the Black man gave the world "God", among other things (writing, medicine, art and architecture, etc), and many basic principles that we live by. This is the truth the devil veils; that from you Black man all others came.

Depictions of European Gods (resembling White people)

One more thing, and this is true up until this day when people put a person's likeness in a sculpture and especially in a monumental way that figure is usually extremely important, either the king or a God (or what the people considered a God).

Asian Gods (resembling Asians).

It is very clear that every race who has created a God (s), made the likeness of their God (s) resembling the people that serve them.

In conclusion, the two most influential civilizations in the world (Olmec, and Egyptians) were of African origin.


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    • ispoke profile image

      ispoke 5 years ago from In the Arms of the El Shadai

      Moses is a bridge.

    • OldWitchcraft profile image

      OldWitchcraft 5 years ago from The Atmosphere

      Interesting. I did not know there was any controversy about the appearance of the Olmecs. It seems obvious that they originated in Africa and the Olmec Heads (somewhere around Vera Cruz, Mexico) are obviously not depictions of the native Indians there.

      According to my continuing research on African and other religions and spirituality, the Jews and the Jewish religion originated in Africa. According to Tacitus, they probably came from Ethiopia. The religion of the Jews (and thus the religion of Christians and Muslims) has a lot in common with African spirituality. There is no doubt in my mind that the Jewish religion originated in Africa and this has been a very big, essentially African influence on the world and Europe, especially through its offshoot religions.

      At one point, Africans were clearly all over the Mediterranean region and left their imprint in places like Sicily, Italy.