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The One I let Get Away

Updated on December 18, 2009

I shouldn’t have let you leave.

I should have been a better man.

You were always there for me but I was never there for you.

My love was true and if it wasn’t how come I hurt so much inside.

This life is full of surprises.

I should of took the time to get to no you I shouldn’t have rushed it

Can you blame me im just a man a selfish one at that when I see something good I want it all for my self

I don’t care if its to fast but if its meant to be

it doesn’t mater how fast or slow we go the love will be the same.

I let you get away slip right out of my hands out of reach now you don’t love me any more or even want to talk.

If I could have treated you better I would god knows I would

To me there is no greater sin than to not give it your all or giving some one your all

I am guilty of that sin I didn’t give us my all

I no I will never make the same mistake again If there was an again

There may never be because I let you get away.

I no I can never get that time back the days we shared the good and the bad.

Can you really say those where not good times.

If I had the chance I would try to always make you smile I would never let you cry I always hated when you cry.

I just want be loved I want to have some one call me just to tell me how much they love me is that so wrong.

Every women on this earth is beautiful beyond measure

I just wish I could have some of that beauty for my self a queen of my own maybe I did have one but I let her get away.

If love was a game I would still be at level 1

There’s still so much more for me to learn and so much I need to do and then maybe one day she will come back to me.

Or maybe I will never see that day so many women I have had in my life

I love every last one of them still to this day no mater how much time I spent with them

Yet I let them get away maybe I never had a choice

I no that if you push to hard they will never come back.

Can you blame me I just want to be loved so much so that to me its worth dieing for.

So I will fight till my last breath to get you back

I will go to the end of time it self just to feel the warmth of your hug the touch of your skin and the taste of your body

You are my perfect place my queen my everything.

If I had a second chance I would never let you go, but this is real life things just don’t work like that.

Maybe one day but for now you still and forever will be the one I let get away.

© 2009 davon8ball


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    • Carol the Writer profile image

      Carolyn Blacknall 8 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Very moving words. "If love was a game I would still be at level 1." Good observations about life. Keep up the good work.- Carol