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The Ones left behind poetry

Updated on December 12, 2011

The Ones Left Behind






The ones left behind



The dead sleep quietly, awaiting the resurrection.

The ones left behind search for direction.


The dead find peace beyond the shadow of the grave.

The ones left behind curse the life God gave.


The dead walk blissfully in a world without pain.

The ones left behind argue and complain.


The dead know only joy, and a place without stress.

The ones left behind know only chaos and unrest.


The dead know not sadness, or a heart full of sorrows.

The ones left behind always worry about tomorrow.


The dead have no secrets, and their tears have all dried.

The ones left behind run from the deception that they hide.


The dead have moved into eternity, for the ones that believe.

For the ones left behind, they know only how to grieve.


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