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The Only Sure Way to Write Hot Content

Updated on March 27, 2010

 Some remarks on all the hot content fuss here on Triond.

There are already plenty of articles written on how you can become a more successful writer and on how you can promote your articles and bla bla bla.

Look them up. I also wrote some stuff on earning articles: make a good piece of information, or a nice creative, touchy poem or short story and you will be read. When you are read, you will earn something eventually. But none of us would actually do it just for money. To be honest: there can be peak view days that will earn you nothing.

But hot content? That is a long shot and as far as I can say something that does not only take time and dedication to build up your reputation, but also some luck, I guess. Fact is you cannot predict what people at a certain time really want to read. Also do views vary from day to day.
You can follow trends, but so far you might be humping behind the big ones without really learning. Read them and learn. Do not get frustrated, they all started like you. Write what you want to write, just be a damn dork in that, since that will please you most and a pleased writer might be me a total jerk as a person, but can be real nice to read for his/her audience.

Now back to the hot content guarantee. We can all write hot content to publish public. No, I do not mean some gory porn stuff, but chili peppers and spicy things like that.

That is the only content you know that will be hot. It is not my call, so go ahead, I would say.


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