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The Oracle part I

Updated on July 19, 2011

An oracle was sent
back in ancient days
to help human kind
with their ways

Handing out wisdom
for them to use
to gain more knowledge
to kindle the fuse

To their evolution
to their next step
but unfortunately
the race regressed

They did not get it
they could not receive
much to the oracle’s

The words she spoke
the things she did
should have really
triggered it

How could this be
what was going on?
Something spelled
completely wrong

The oracle pondered
upon this fact
and decided when time
she would come back

Come back and decipher
this mysterious thing
that somehow let
the darkness in

Clouding vision
with illusion and lies
what was the answer
to the question why?

Time was at hand
for the oracle’s return
she knew that mankind
still not had learned

She reappeared
in modern times
she could not believe
what she saw with her eyes

She started her work
right there and then
she decided to gather
her powerful clan

And so she did
she assembled them
including a very
important man

Important for
the human race
thus posing a threat
for different ways

The elite was a group
with a wicked plan
and so they were after
this special man

But he walked protected
throughout all times
what to do
with a man divine

So when the elite
finally knew
that the oracle returned
they were going to

Use this lady
to get to this man
if this would work
it would mean the end

The end of good
and of this race
left only shame
and utter disgrace

And so they started
to infiltrate
her subconscious being
with raging hate

Her words and tongue
sharp like a knife
fully equipped
to end a life

Their plan was working
or so it seemed
she really broke him
until he screamed

Then all of a sudden
the pattern was clear
she knew that something
dark was near

She started to feel
this entity
controlling her

And so she locked
her subconscious gate
for beings that come
with destructive hate

An oracle returned
from ancient days
to help human kind
with their ways



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