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The Other Sock

Updated on January 13, 2015

I couldn't believe it. To this day, I can't. He just...walked away. Three years ago, I was on cloud nine. Bouncing around on my first trip out. My mate and I hadn't really spoke to each other while we were in that horribly cramped package. We were folded and stuffed in between, so neither one of us were able to see out. The "first-class" socks all had a view out. But we were only able to listen to the "oohs" and "aahs" of the others. But finally, our time came. We were both excited!

We weren't really the perfect combo. With me being more on the logical side. I just found it hard to follow my heart. But still, we would have made a great pair. I guess the smartest thing to do would have been to get into a pocket of some pants and try to get out at school. Maybe my original owner would have been there. I mean, maybe a chance I see him right? Well that logical part of me always spoke up and said "he will find you, and he will return you". What a bunch of malarkey! My logic has kept me hidden for over three years in the back of some kids' drawer, and I am done!

Let me take you back to the moment when my life changed. The trampoline was amazing. We bounced so high a couple of times, I was able to see the neighbor's yard. I couldn't believe the luck. I found the weather fascinating and the force with which I flew up, then back down, was gratifying. I figured that with all of the laughter, this would become a common thing. Oh, I knew that there would be others that would come sometimes, but if we did a good job, we may be able to do this often. So the plan was set, we would do our best and work together. One small slip-up and we may never return. We did it! We performed perfectly! Then he took us off. We chatted for a bit. Then we were all scooped up and...and...oh my gosh he dropped me. He didn't turn around, he just left.

I was outside all night that evening. Luckily it didn't rain, but the sprinklers weren't very fun. Every few seconds a tiny sprinkle of water. It just tickled me, agonizingly. I was brought in the next morning and the boys' mother tried calling my owner's mother. I was excited for the chance to be reunited. I heard the door ring several times that week. But my owner wasn't the one at the door any of those times. The days were going by and I was beginning to worry. Am I already done being useful? Have I already served my purpose? I distanced myself from the others, keeping my thoughts to myself. But inside I was angry. I could not come to grips with my situation.

I started having dreams at night. There were beautiful dreams about being on a mannequin in a downtown shop. Being able to see the passing shoppers. All of the world would be my stage and, on occasion, I would see some old friends pass by. Another dream was about being on an astronauts feet. What a rush it would be to zoom up in the sky and then have total weightlessness. For me to be able to provide comfort to my owner, while not being stepped on was a plus. And then there was the dream I always stayed asleep extra long to finish. I am by the fire, the old hound is on the little carpet on the floor next to me. The television is on and I think it's a ballgame. I feel like I am so content, I don't even open my eyes. That dream inspires me.

Recently, I had a real breakthrough. I found out that those dreams made sense. Perhaps they were the future reporting back to me. When you have a chance to step away from yourself for a minute, you begin to see what you truly mean to the world. Fortunately for myself, I was not too far-gone to be motivated. I now understand that there is another one out there that is probably searching for me. What a wondrous thought that is to know. I have another who truly cares about me. So now it is time to do the logical thing, and go find my mate. The one true yin to my yang. And once the two of us are reunited, we will finally go on the adventures and see the things that we deserve to see.


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