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The Pain of Resistance

Updated on February 28, 2012
Change from Doe Deer Source:
Change from Doe Deer Source:
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Firewalking from oddpodzphotos2 Source:
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Inner Fear from Su Inc Source:

The Pain of Resistance

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

The sway of words sucks my soul dry,

clinging to the last bastion of hope,

the final bridge over a torrid pulsing flow,

that is my trepidation.

Truth pierces my slight armour,

delivering a deadly blow,

my shell withering before an exact enemy,

the remnants of delusion pale.

How we cling to our own lies,

overt reality muddied by stubborn will,

rejected by pretence

and painted in the stale hues of past.

Resistance is a painful experience,

countermanding ones faith and purpose,

always on the back foot of intention,

and misdirecting inner truths.

Eye to eye, face to face,

words cut the lining of our womb,

entreat emergence and the first breath of life,

a weary and tentative step into a new world,

where hearts grow open, but vulnerable.

I must find strength within the void,

the possibility without fear,

the step without regret,

and the courage of acceptance.


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