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The Papyrus part one "Worlds Colliding" Copyright C. Runyon 2009-2015

Updated on April 2, 2015

Chapter One: The Papyrus

Chapter One: The Papyrus

The disheveled gray-haired man spoke feverishly and in heated indignation, he tried to convince the assemblage of four others before him, to his findings. He berated them with exasperated tones barbed in thick Scottish brogue. “You would do well to believe me, Gentlemen, Miss Garth! Besides, the evidence is too conspicuous” he yells, imploring them, While pacing and ranting before the seated company Sir Isaac dubiously adjusts the taped-up bridge of his black plastic-framed eye glasses with the middle finger of his right hand.

His young nephew seated a few feet away, thinks to himself; “now he is flipping himself off, again— how wonderfully appropriate”

He jabs his friend seated next to him in the ribs. Mike caught the same Freudian slip displayed by Uncle Isaac and they were both, now giggling, trying to hold back their hysteria.

“Dear God! They are Doctors! —, and they are acting like school children.” Isaac thinks tiresomely to himself.

Sir Isaac was now sweating profusely for lack of sleep, and from the heat of the over-stoked fire. He had been awake for over seventy-two hours ever since he un-earthed it. And now as he continued to lecture, he repeatedly had to adjust his over-sized and clumsy eye-glasses, glasses of which were all too big for his emaciated face, the eye spectacles constantly slid down the bridge of his all too narrow nose— despite the precautions of the tape. This then revealed the ghastly red sore at the bridge of his nose, which was very painful for him. Furthermore— the thick glass of the lenses magnified his eyes— and now bulging out from behind the ‘Coke-bottle-like-lenses’ his eyes appeared much too large for his gaunt face— thus adding to the crazed maniacal look of his character.

Tremulously, the spindly man continued to examine the Papyrus of which he believed was antediluvian in origin. Then—, suddenly looking up— holding the documents, clutched within his left hand held high above his head, he eyed his nephew, seated on the couch in front of him, he then realizes;— noticing the incredulous look on all of their faces—that they do not believe him! Despite this, he pleadingly continues his extrapolations in his far-from-humble manner.

“The evidence is all here, Clayton; if you and your colleagues were to give me a little leave— just a little, to adjust this one fundamental principal in the mythology of this story.”

In addition, using his long skeletal index finger, Isaac points to a highlighted passage—highlighted encircled by a cartouche. Then with a half-crazed look in his eyes— now feral and savage— he thrust the parchments in front of his nephew, and says, “Yes; here it is; ‘The Egyptian underworld’. See it for yourself!—this is ‘The ‘Labyrinth’ this is the key, young master Clayton;

The Eye of Horus and it is given unto Pepi One: “See look— here!” The man was clearly obsessed— perhaps even clinically so and he now had a look on his face that rivaled that of the biblical prophets of old beholding a vision from God. Abruptly— he now seemed to have a new revelation.

He suddenly looked up, from the parchment, to peer farther within the large expanse of the awkwardly lit room—, a room where torches burned in the far corners emitting an eerie light. He imagined the shadows of specters resembling a gathering of uneasy spirits as they danced up the stone walls, to then laugh hysterically on the high ceilings above. They were crouched perched upon high, with their chins resting upon their bony knees. When they sneered at him, their features seemed to change—, to change into something ghastly, something horrible, and something not from this world but possibly from the next. Then—it seemed as if the flesh tore away from their hideous faces, replacing the masks to reveal a skeletal structure beneath — and then— there were many skulls within the one— skulls within skulls—! Then the crushed together, with violent force their bones splintered and teethe flew… They were laughing at him.

Sir Isaac, now frightened and clearly disgruntled, nervously combed through his unruly wire-like white hair. His long bony fingers stopped combing through his un-even hair as he resumed his ranting and pacing before them. Then while extrapolating from the ancient text he suddenly felt vexed and cursed by the archaic writing. The hieroglyphs scrawled on the prehistoric papyrus appeared to be moving again!

“No― Not now, please, God―, no! Not another hallucination not with them here.”

The fire was warm and crackled spitefully in the enormous stone fireplace located in the outer wall of the great room in the Scottish castle. The room was massive—however, the dank smells of old mold and archaic books seeped in. They were coming from within the adjoining library, which was directly behind where Sir Isaac was standing—.These smells, drifting into the room, were eerily intoxicating to all of them. These musty smells fraught from the bindings of old books and parchments had this effect on most archeologist and anthropologist—, however something else drifted into the room, as well, for it was there, in the library where the ancient Stella was housed.

This familiar aroma was somehow euphoric, especially for the scholar Clayton. Sir Isaac Norman was truly Clayton’s inspiration for him to aspire to the science of archeology and anthropology.

As a child, young Clayton had spent many a rainy day and evening here with his Uncle Isaac, in this marvelous castle—filled with the many antiques dating back to the dark ages. Many a long winter nights, Clayton would go over ancient documents with his Uncle, in search of some unknown treasure— planning the next expedition to some exotic and remote part of the world.

Sir Isaac had just returned from Cairo where he acquired the ancient Stella. The Stella was massive, and in many ways was similar to the ‘Rosetta Stone’. The stone that the Hieroglyphs, Runes, and Coptic Greek languages, carved into it appeared to be black basalt, however the stone was magnetic with reversed polar properties. Sir Isaac had the Stella tested at Ames research. The scientist there discovered that the rock was meteoritic in origin, and that it existed before a time when the Earth’s magnetic field reversed in retrospect of Earth’s magnetic field today. Another curious attribute of the Stella was that all of the symbols etched into the stone filled or inlaid in gold. This gave the Stella some interesting properties, most especially of which were the Hieroglyphs themselves―; they were magical symbols and when oscillated to specific frequencies they had a profound effect, on the quantum physics of this world.

“Look! ― here is the proof! Can’t you see it’s a jigsaw puzzle?” Moreover, with this outburst, Sir Isaac threw the parchments, maps, and books on the table facing his nephew where many of his journals already lay open—all of which, previously opened, to pages specifically pertaining to his life’s work. Sir Isaac― he was getting impatient.

He had been arguing his case for well over an hour, regardless; the four cocky Doctors seemed to be filled with contention and disbelief and apparently some humor, humor at Sir Isaac‘s expense! Moreover—they were not listening to him! Clayton, Mike, Leif, and Ann Garth were sitting near the fireplace at the other end of the room. She seemed to be preoccupied with the fire.

The group, a collection of four scholars these three men, all of differing age’s and one woman in her mid-forties, were all seated together in a great room. They had gathered there at the urge of their friend Clay; a fellow colleague in their archaeology group, to hear the story.

Sir Isaac Norman, had begun his excessive indulgence with an extravagance of pseudo-archeological theory, using the ‘Papyrus of Ani’ (The Egyptian Book of the Dead) as some sort of guidebook or roadmap. This was the basis of his preposterous inclinations and assumptions.

“Look at this Stella that I recently un-covered in Egypt—this is pristine to the archeological community, Clayton, you four; besides myself and the research scientist at Ames, are the first to see it!” Sir Isaac had bought a rundown area of Cairo, the equivalent to about ten acres of land, all of which was then modern day slums. After humanely re-occupying the inhabitants of this area, he started his secret underground excavations.

The treasure hunter theorized that: ‘The place of the dead’ i.e. ‘The Egyptian Underworld’ was not a mythological place but a real place, which still existed here, and now within the earth— most of which was a subterranean underworld!

He believed that this labyrinth exists underneath the crust of the earth—a vast underworld existing of intersecting passageways and great rooms, even enormous underground cities. Sir Isaac has proclaimed that the underworld spanned and circumvented the entire sphere of the planet.

Not only did he believe that it was once occupied, and occupied for well over the last two hundred thousand years (throughout the last ice age), additionally, he believed it existed before the emergence of the ancient Egyptian empire, moreover, he believed that this underworld still existed today.

The treasure hunter offered many tantalizing clues into evidence, such as prehistoric cave openings or entrances, in various locations around the world.

Located not far from the entrance of the cave in China there was an undated pre-historic painting of a tribe of Neolithic man chasing a heard of bison with spears painted on the wall of the cave. Above the herd of ancient man depicted on the cave wall, there is what appears to be, a disc-shaped flying vessel of some kind, with three occupants visible upon the top of the craft. One of the occupants in the disc shaped craft is holding a staff and pointing it at a bison below, which appears to fall to the ground in a puddle of blood.

The opening in Peru was the most foretelling and significant of these openings. After hiking high into the Andes mountain range Isaac claimed to have come upon a tribe of people of ancient Mayan origin.

This was a race of people still guarded the entrance to this magnificent array of passageways and large rooms cut into the granite. Furthermore, these passageways and rooms cut with immaculate precision so technical was this precision that it rivaled that of the construction abilities of modern day man. It appeared that the caves were cut using extremely high temperatures—, in that, the rock had been melted and turned to glass during the initial excavation, which pre-dated ten thousand years before the Common Era.

This brings to mind a very curious object found in one of these rooms within the labyrinth, in the Peruvian tunnels. The object found within the cave, and cast from solid gold. The peculiar object was a round sphere about twelve inches in diameter with a larger plate-like sphere circumventing the golden ball at its center this spherical platter circumvented the sphere to about twenty inches in diameter. On one side of the platter sphere was embossed an alphabet of seventy-eight characters and on the other side was a completely different alphabet with the exact same amount of characters. Both alphabets are completely unknown to modern man. Furthermore, the stone negative to the disk of which the object cast, found in Egypt. The stone negative weighed in excess of fifty tons!

“I have been working on deciphering these alphabets for over thirty years and not until my recent discovery of the Stella have I have been able to make any progress until now, now that I have translated the alphabets to Greek!”

“Gentleman, Miss Garth please bear with me.” The three men sat stoically in front of him, comforted by the large pillows, imported from India on the couch. Miss Garth, weighing in excess of three hundred pounds looked like a modern version of H.P. Blavatsky and Like Blavatsky: Ann Garth was a cigar smoking, un-kempt, middle aged woman with mysterious eyes, in her middle-to-late forties, balding prematurely at the crown of her head where her uncombed hair matted reassuringly around the growing bald spot. She smugly sat near the fire, chain-smoking cigarettes, with a contemptuous look on her leathered face. She seated herself upon a wingback chair located in the far corner of the great room. What she really wanted now was a cigar, but she doubted if these pansies could handle the stench. She was already getting sidelong glances of disapproval and annoyance—.

If I light one of my vile smelling ‘Tusconelli’s,’ she muses, surely then they would throw me out of the meeting.” Normally, she would not care whether she was thrown out of this or any other meeting, for that matter, and for a matter -of-fact, she was just about to light one of her ‘lizard tails‘ as she called them. Moreover, this assembly was talking about a mythology of which had long since, held special interest for her special interest for her and the people by which held her employment. So she smiled back at them all, although sarcastically, revealing nicotine and caffeine stained teeth, behind her greedy and ghoulish smile.

Isaac was currently silent and seemingly, sober now as he ruffled through more papers and photographs contained within an open box, which lay upon an old walnut desk chair next to the table.

“Ah-ha―, here it is!” Isaac was now holding a slab of rock about eight inches in length by three inches wide and two inches thick.

“Here Clay, take this and” and handing it to Clay he said,

“Ah, pass this amongst yourselves”. Isaac spoke as he continued to pillage through the box of material.

Then re-adjusting his glasses again in that self-incriminating way, Sir Isaac continues,

“What you are holding is a sample of the rock wall I excavated from one of the chambers, deep beneath the earth, in Peru.”

I want you all to note the glazing effect that penetrates over five centimeters into the rock this type of glazing and the depth of the penetration can only occur when this type of rock is heated in excess of ten thousand degree’s.” Now feeling more sure of himself Isaac now brusquely continues to pace in front of the assembly.

“However you all should know that this is not possible in an oxygen rich atmosphere, Right? These temperatures can only be reached without destroying rock (turning it into gas) when heated in a perfect vacuum, such as space; correct?” Isaac, now feeling surer of him-self, procured a file from the box and boldly passed it on to Clay.

“Now that I have finally secured your attention, I offer you these.” Isaac thrust more documents in front of the three seated on the couch.

“These are some test analysis done by NASA on afore-mentioned rock proving that what I say is true.” Isaac continued;

“And, as well, and I am sure that this is not a surprise to you all but this rock bares the exact similarities as the Stella.”

“Gentleman, Miss Garth, I therefore can only conclude that these tunnels, caverns or caves were carved by intelligent beings either before our planet had an atmosphere or during some apocalyptic age whereby the Earth lost its atmosphere.”

Isaac looked at them with a now rather fearful look; Isaac no longer cared about what they thought of him, as he again pondered the enormous meaning behind this finding.

The thought of an advanced race—creating these havens deep beneath the earth, perhaps even billions of years ago, terrified Isaac with its implications, and the thought that they may still inhabit this unfathomable world terrified him even more.

“What are you trying to say old man?” Michael suddenly interjected bitterly.

Michael suddenly realizes that this evidence, and these theories of Isaacs, had horrific consequences, and for all of humanity. If any part of what Isaac was saying had any merit of truth what-so-ever—then this man should be gleamed away from this world to be cut down—exiled or shot out in a tiny capsule in deep space—, so his theories could never reach the light of day.

Michael suddenly let out a pathetic noise, kind of a screech or a howl; it was animal like, un-earthly and non-human.

Michael had suddenly lost all control over his emotions, everything that he had learned, believed in, or accepted as truth now abruptly collapsed upon him. He could not breath, the world had rapidly gone dark and all he could see was— the bulging bloodshot eyes—, of the lunatic in front of him—, and it, he was laughing at him.

Mike was now angered beyond his ability to control. Now, like a crazed maniac himself, he unexpectedly beseeched with a desire so overwhelming, that if it were not for Clay and Leif, seated at either side of him, to hold him back, he would have leapt from the couch. Here then he would wrap his hands around the throat, of this man, crushing his larynx so the moron could never utter another word.

Sir Isaac Norman concluded as well that this underworld was the innate place for humanity

containing an alien creator race, a malevolent race that created the ancestors of modern day man.

This theory was profligate and reckless enough, however he further speculated that this was but an outpost to a sinister reptilian alien race that which had its origins amongst the stars. According to Sir Isaac, this ‘alien’ race now somehow marooned or exiled here on this earth and that through manipulating the DNA of evolved man, mixing it with their own DNA they created a hybrid race to serve as their slaves.

He believed that the pattern of this vast underworld laid out architecturally in concordance with a

specific star system in the constellation of Orion.

He concluded that this pattern was in the shape of the celestial Lotus flower; a pattern and a flower revered by the ancients, oddly this pattern also represented “The Hideous Beast; The Devourer of Souls” mentioned in many ancient beliefs. He further speculated that there existed a portal of sorts from this world to a planet existing in the constellation of Orion. This portal was unknown to the slave-race.

The rest of them, including his nephew Clay, were now stunned. Michael seated on the couch

between Clay and Leif appeared to be now mumbling to himself. Leif decided to sit in the other wingback chair; he had had enough of Mike.

Isaac could see that the rest of them were now eying him with that—all too familiar— accusatory look; looking at him as if he were a madman. Only Michael seemed to be kindred to him in his thoughts, and he had turned into a ham-fisted idiot.

“Surely you can’t be serious Isaac?” Clayton broke the awkward silence that followed the violent

outburst from the middle aged, pseudo-archeologist slash treasure hunter— forward- slash, Uncle.

“Bullocks my boy, I have been putting these pieces together for over thirty years―as you well know; Esquire Clay.

“Sir Isaac frantically ruffled thorough some papers of which he now threw irritably upon the table “Ha, Ha, Here! Here it is!”

“Here is your Goddamn documented evidence!” Isaac thrust the poster size photo into Clayton’s hands.

“Look at this high resolution image, taken less than one week ago— it is a geological satellite photo, of Antarctica, Clayton!” Now, Isaac did indeed look like a maniac at this moment; his eyes were now bulging as he inspected the photographic poster.

Warm spittle, sprayed from his ranting mouth as he furiously raged. Isaacs’s eyes were now angrily imploring his friend Clay, begging him to open his mind and look. Isaac now looked like a man who was suddenly thrust before the executioner of ages ago i.e. the ax man and the be-header.

This was exactly how Isaac felt too.

Isaac muses, “Master Clayton, could so-much as chop my head off and then grab me by a lock of my hair at the top of my head—.Then hold it high above this quaint assemblage, as I would then die with my last breath still circulating in my brain. This would be for all to witness the horror and the humility of my death written upon my agonizing face!” Isaac thought in self-piteous contempt of himself. “That’s family for you—”

Now Clay asks; “Precisely what are we looking at here, Uncle?” Clayton shook his head back and forth, as he then lowered his eyes to inspect the photo intimately. Clayton now looked thoroughly bemused.

“Oh for Christ-sakes, Clay, how many times have you seen the Egyptian ‘hieroglyph’ for; the

Eye of Horus—? Not the literal or formal depiction―, but the illustration of the one given unto ‘Pepi One’ by Ani, in the prehistoric dynasties.”

His Uncle interjected, now in a state of agitation and contempt for his young nephew, “Here is a

Blow-up of the area of interest, can you see the opening now, Clay?” he now asked in a voice gilded with anger and disdain.

Clay’s sudden astonished look of surprise and revelation was a disclosure to the others, and this perked their interest, because Clayton, even as young as he was, thirty-two, considered one of the foremost and primary scholars of ancient Egypt.

If boy genius and child prodigy; Dr. Clayton C. McGinnis was caught off guard by the ravings of his now lunatic Uncle.―Then there must be something of great interest and revelation going on here, and they might well consider getting in on this, that of-- what appeared to be an eye opener for the prolific scholar.

Sir Isaac now produced a second satellite image of Antarctica taken one month ago, and then handing it to Clay, he said, “This was taken a month ago and by comparing the two you will notice that the opening is not present in the earlier photograph.”

“Oh― my!” Dr. Clayton McGinnis exclaimed. The young archeologist was frantically comparing an enlargement of the hieroglyph for The Eye of Horus printed on clear plastic—superimposed to scale over the enlargement of the photo taken from space of what appeared to be an opening in the Earth’s crust at Antarctica.

Isaac produced a magnifying loop and handing it to Clay, he says; “Examine the area near the middle of the opening, there” Sir Isaac now pointing to a tiny black speck on the photo, he continues, “Right there, Clayton.

Clay examined the speck with the jewelers loop.

“Strange, have you worked up a computer enhancement of this area, Uncle?” Clay asks, completely interested now.

“Of course I have, here is an enhancement in 3d rendering magnified thirty-six hundred times filtering with un-sharp mask and chromatic aberration as well as digital noise removal, pincushion distortion correction and barrel distortion, this is the final result.”

Sir Isaac now handed his nephew another photograph “Your conclusions are as good as any.” Isaac stated.

“Leif, Ann, Mike Look at this!” Mike know zombie like seemed to regain some of his composure, however there was now an emptiness within him.

You could clearly see this void in his eyes, the blank stare, and the smallest amount of dribble excreting down the corner of his mouth. Clay offered the overlay of the image to the two seated closest to him on the couch.

Mike was first to review the images after Clay, he simply said, “I understand.” He then passed the photos on to Leif, with seemingly no further interest. Mike was clearly no longer in this world.

Ann was quick to dash across the room to sit on the floor beside where Leif now seated in the other expensive ‘wing-back’ chair. Her eyes sparkled with anticipation, if the photos revealed to her what she expected then her pursuit was almost over.

“Here do you see it?” Leif asked Ann.

He was pointing to the convex shaped lines circumventing the opening. They appeared to resemble ancient symbols.

“Yes, it is the same, Leif.” Ann answered.

“Yes, the same as in Cydonia, on the Martian plateau but look closer, what is different about them?”

Ann suddenly realized. “Oh! They are a mirror image of the glyph”,

Leif said “Exactly!”

“So it is a combination of a series of symbols to gain access or to unlock the entrance.” Ann mused.

“Could be dangerous, could be booby trapped, and why are they in opposite transition to those on Mars?” Ann and Leif were whispering to each other for far too long and attracting the suspicions of Clay and Sir Isaac.

Mike had resumed mumbling to himself and could care less. “Hey you two, mind sharing?” Clay asked, feeling somewhat perturbed.

“Mike? Do you still have the amulet we dug in Syria?” Leif asked his associate Michael Cramer, “Mike! Where is the amulet? Ann’s attention was immediately seized “Amulet?

You found the amulet Leif. Ann hissed venomously.

“Why have I not been informed of this?” Feeling undermined and berated, Ann asked Leif again,

why she had not been informed of this information earlier.

“Come on Ann, Ole Russian spy that you are, C.I.A. spook; we can’t take any chances, right Clay, Mike?”

Leif answered Ann jokingly as he implored Clay by mouthing the words ‘help’ to save him from the slip of information about finally finding that which they had all been looking for, for so long; about the ancient anomalous metal amulet.

“Right, it’s in the safe at the lab, Leif” Mike answered Leif in a straight business-man-like manner staring zombie like looking into some far away distant place all the while avoiding Ann’s intense accusing and inquisitive gaze.

Clay quickly interjected, not-too-soon either.

“We found it in Syria last month Ann, no-one has seen it yet, save for us three, we were meaning to share the find with you later this evening.” Ann Garth could turn into quite the viper if she felt that something of importance was being kept from her, and a major archeological find like this; this was important!

She knew that they had gone to Syria, she knew exactly what they were looking for, but she did

not know that they had found it.

The amulet was a device, a mechanism without it one could not activate the ships, one could not enter the locked chambers, one could not navigate the stars and one could not travel through time. The amulet that they found was the key to all of their fore fathers technology.

Clay, Mike and Leif was well aware of Ann’s supreme loyalty to the elite group, they all knew that they would never see Ann or the amulet again if she were to get her hands on it. Even Ann herself knew that they knew about her and her grand scheme.

That she would disappear with the amulet. They had all been a team for over ten years but from the beginning, Ann was always after the amulet. Therefore, it was a cat and mouse game.

They were all dependent upon each other. They needed Ann for her abilities and connections, Ann needed them to acquire the amulet.

However, in this sense she was ruthless and she would kill either one of them if they were to stand in the way between her and the ancient object.

Aside from the long quest for the amulet, they were a tight group, nearly a conspiracy amongst

themselves. They were against the mainstream archeologists of the day.

They kept their discoveries to themselves until they were ready to publish, and when they did, they would turn the world of academic thought and accepted history upside down. So they kept an oath with each other “their group” to violate this oath was unacceptable.

Isaac had been sorting through his books, manuscripts, maps, photos, and ancient papyri when the almost heated exchange was going on. He was eager to get back to the topic. He had gathered them all here for a reason. “I must convince them to accompany me on expedition to Antarctica. I need their skills and their knowledge.”

“I believe I have found a vehicle.” Isaac stated boldly, interrupting, to forgo, what might have turned into a nasty argument within the group.

The four of them, were now promptly silenced by the sudden prolific statement, the sudden statement that the half-crazed Isaac, had now made.

“A vehicle you say! What on earth are you talking about old man?’ Mike was the first to respond.

“Yes, in Peru, perhaps ‘craft’ is a better description” Isaac spoke softly, wishing now that he had not mentioned the discovery.

“Yes well. It is inert, can’t seem to get the damn thing fired up.” Isaac stated cautiously.

“Did you say Craft, as in spaceship, Isaac?” Clay seriously questioned his friend. “Perhaps it is a spaceship, it is saucer shaped.” Isaac returned. Isaac continued;

“I believe it to be a “Boat of Ra” emblematic of a “Discifier” (again more hieroglyphs from the Egyptian Book of the Dead),

“Yes that would fit nicely into your theories wouldn’t it, Isaac?”

Mike said contemptuously

“All in a neat little box with a pretty little bow on top, space men from mars building the pyramids, right?” Now Isaac was being ridiculed, and he did not like it one bit.

“Not exactly you imbecile.” Isaac shot back at Mike.

“However you are close, I theorize that Mars was indeed a colony in the distant past.” Isaac stated in a matter-of-fact way.


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