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The Passing Parade

Updated on August 29, 2011

I watched the passing traffic there

On a footpath or thorough fare

As I sat in the car to make a call

And people passed me one and all

It was a Sunday morning true

The time about ten thirty two

Outside a store which offered more

It attracted people galore

A store assistant with buckets seen

Filling a rack where others had been

And as I watched as I made my call

The people walking one and all

I saw just one familiar face

Someone I knew from the human race

And in a town not small nor large

Yet on the footpath people did barge

Or meander ever slow, as if they had no place to go

My call ended, still I stayed

In the car as the movie played

Of life and love and things unseen

Yet not in a theatre has it been

In life so real it passed before my eyes

In Tumut town under winter skies

So thanks I give to the people true

Who passed in front of my eyes of blue

A selection of the human race

Who showed to me a different face.


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    • Sheila Kennedy profile image

      Sheila Kennedy 6 years ago from Australia

      Thank you John

    • profile image 6 years ago

      Sheila's travel poetry is flowing very

      pleasantly and good to read.

      Some more please