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The Passion That Runs Deep

Updated on June 19, 2013

Seen And Unseen

Like a main artery that pumps the blood and keeps the body alive

Vital to all life

We feel only a touch of what actually takes place

So many thousands of things cooperating and coordinated to work perfectly at every moment

So that we can survive

The feelings I feel can't be hidden

They are made to be shared and written

When we feel cared for and adored for who we are

The love that can not be captured but is so special and rare

As we examine it closely only to find endless reasons that back all our evidence

It makes us rich for who we are

Loved for our very soul

Feeling that we are invincable

There is nothing I can't do

There is a whole life of mystery that begins here

Every feeling intensified to its highest power

That grows inside us like wildflower

Abundant and free

Spreading fast and lasting through out life

Right smack in the middle of every storm surviving every drought

Where life takes us is not easily known

The benefits will always be rewarding and over the top

So when you think love is over its not


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