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The People of Who

Updated on January 2, 2013

We come with bags toting...

going here, going there, leaving somewhere, arriving anywhere

toting bags, packing necessity.

we go,packed with bags in all shapes toting in all sizes

shuffling from point A to B.

Through any and every houw, every and any weather

we come, far or near, chasing, wishing, or needing

we com, with bags toting all what we might need

we go there, arriving here, rushing, sometimes running

always waiting

We come in the mornings cool or hot as..

the sun stretching towards the sky

in each and every hour, wrapped in dawns breaking darkness, bundled from top to bottom

or stripped to the ends fo what decency commands

we go through alleys, parking lots, chaotic major streets, dashing across a pause in the rush, with totes and bags in every size and shape

lost in our invidual thoughts, pieces of other times, when we weren't going or coming

with our totes and bags, lives carefully packed

people of who, sometimes why, slipping in and out of ordinary

who are we, these people stopping traffic, slowing our rush, dashing and dancing against our beat and rhythm

creating a hum distincly off key.


We come with bags, packed toting...


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