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Fantasy Book: The Perfect Circle (4)

Updated on March 17, 2015

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What You Missed in Chapters 1, 2, and 3

  • Violet and Edwin are the sole survivors on Earth. Violet's most prized possession is a book that shows strange creatures from another world.
  • In another world, Vannya lives in the desolate Crumpington Village with other dwarf-like creatures. Everyone worships Moglodon and wears circle amulets.
  • Village Chief Sharbroog and his henchman, Vallagonian, have closed up Dvorak's Library and place more importance on war than knowledge.
  • A secret meeting called 'Dvolak's Warriors' is organized.

The Perfect Circle

Vannya's Destiny

“Why don’t we head to my shop for a cup of tapio tea?” Poblik asked, putting his hand on Vannya’s shoulder. “Aureolia knows I need a drink.”

“As do I. But tea is not what I had in mind.”

“You know I do not drink,” Poblik said.

“Just this once–come, now. Do it for me, your old friend.”

“Not so old,” Poblik said laughing, tugging on Vannya’s chestnut hair.

Vannya felt a twinge of anger. He grabbed his amulet and the calm coursed through him.

“That nonsense again?” Poblik asked. “Are you still fantasizing about notions of power, Vannya? You know it’s not only ridiculous–it is dangerous. If Sharbroog knew–”

“It’s my destiny.”

“That is absurd.”

“I had this amulet,” Vannya said, “around my neck when I was born. I am the only one in this village who wears it. When Dvolak’s Library was still open, I read numerous books on the topic–they said that it was the sign of the Goddess Glaprys, that it symbolized an object sacred to her, a mirror –”

“The Three Sisters of the Circle are nothing but mythology,” Poblik hissed. “The only true God is Moglodon.”

“Then how do you explain this amulet around my neck?”

“A foolish prank, that is all.”

“In one of Dvolak’s books, I found a passage that spoke of just such an amulet. And it said that the person who wore it would save his village from certain destruction. For only he had the power to lead his people out of darkness.”

“And what book was this?”

“The Book of Glaprys,” Vannya said.

Poblik rolled his eyes. “Of course. The reason you should not put stock in this Prophecy of yours lies in the very title of your book. Glaprys is but a myth.”

Vannya hung his head. “I see it is futile to try to convince you.”

“It certainly is. But I’ll tell you what–I’ll take that drink of yours.”

Pirates on the Sylaak Seas
Pirates on the Sylaak Seas


Vannya opened the creaky wooden doors that separated the parched outside world from Crumpington Bar. It was as dirty inside as out. Every step he took kicked up a puff of dust. Several warriors sat around tables in shapeless heaps, heads in hands, finding the energy every so often to gulp down the dregs of dirty beer from their mugs. A group of villagers were engaged in a game of cards, a hopeful activity in the stagnant atmosphere of the bar.

He made his way to the bar, followed by Poblik, and ordered two mugs of brog. He watched in satisfaction as his clay cup was filled with purple liquid and thick foam. He scooped out a fly and downed it.

“So,” he whispered, his voice barely audible, “Are you coming tonight?”

Poblik nodded.

“You hardly used to be the rebellious type.”

“In spirit, I always was,” Poblik said. “But the risk prevented me from standing with you. Now, I realize that drastic changes must be made. Otherwise, it will not matter whether it is from hunger from hanging by the neck… I will die just the same.”

“Why not change your business?”

“It took me forty years to learn the art of working raw gold into the filigree favored by Deirdre. I haven’t the courage to learn a new trade at my age.”

“But you can still work, can’t you? The eruptions do not block the mines--only the entrance to the Sylaak Seas. Why do we need Deirdre--isn’t anyone in Crumpington interested in the gold?”

Poblik shook his head. “You know very well it is only because of her that we were all in business so long. Now the miners do not feel the need to work anymore. After all, I cannot afford to pay them, since I cannot get the finished work on ships anymore.”

“Speaking of the Sylaak Seas--do you know,” Vannya said, leaning in, “that I’ve heard speak of a pirate problem?”

The Secret Meeting
The Secret Meeting

'The Humans'

“Really?” Poblik breathed.

“Yes--in the last newspaper an article spoke of sailors captured and traded as slaves. But it was a very small article, easily missed. There wasn’t a lot of information. Only rumors.”

“But to whom were they traded?”

“I do not know.”

“Do you think the pirates hail from the Three Islands?”

Vannya hesitated. “That does not seem much like Gavace, to lower himself to slave trade.”

“You are young,” Poblik said. “You do not know him – you do not know what he might do.”

“Neither do you – unless you have met him?”

“None here ever has,” Poblik said. “But we have met his right-hand man, Avalan.”

“It does not matter if we have seen him,” Vannya said. “We know him well enough through the tragic consequences of his actions. And those actions are far-reaching and important, not lowly. This is not him.”

Poblik acquiesced. “Unless he has some other reason –“

“Perhaps the inhabitants of the Three Islands are acting without his command.”

“Now that is truly impossible,” Poblik said. “All stand in fear of him.”

Vannya swallowed the last of his drink. “Well, who knows then – but it has nothing to do with us, so we might as well forget about it. Come on, finish your brog and we’ll head to the–” he gestured to his right and Poblik nodded knowingly.

Dozens of warriors were already grouped together behind the Library. Murmurs of Dvolak and Humans mixed together with the wind and rose through the charred tree branches.

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