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Fantasy Book: The Perfect Circle (5)

Updated on March 17, 2015

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Summary of Chapter 5

While Vannya is trying to save his village from self-destruction, and Violet and Edwin have just discovered a strange hand coming out of a tombstone, we're introduced to mysterious villain Avalan. He is searching for the perfect circle of power, and while he already has the stone and knows where the glass is, he needs the ring.

What is he planning to do once he has all three objects? How are the three storylines related? Keep reading to find out...

The Perfect Circle Chapter 5

The Clock
The Clock

The Perfect Circle Chapter 5: Avalan

His dark black eyes moved slowly around the room, not seeing, not blinking. He rested the tip of his white chin on his hand and listened to the to the buzzing and clicking coming from a little box on his desk. He seemed to understand.

“Interesting,” was all he said. Only it wasn’t that word at all, but a very different one that only meant something similar. What really escaped his lips was a series of rolls and clicks that sounded utterly foreign and could not possibly be transcribed by any human alphabet.

Then he snapped his fingers and short, bald creature hobbled up to him, carrying three rolls of parchment, his circle amulet, surrounded by a second, larger circle, glinting in the unnatural light of the room. The tall pale creature scribbled three sets of instructions on them and poured hot wax on the ends before applying a seal.

Then he rose to his full height. The smaller creature cowered before him. “Pilbus, the Humans have entered this world. You must at once venture to my Islands and hand them this.” He gave the stubby creature the three sealed parchments. “Go, now.”

“Yes, sir,” Pilbus said. He hesitated. “Sir–”

“What is it?”

“The men were wondering…”

“Yes?” he said, clucking his tongue impatiently.

“When will we see the Stone again?” Pilbus asked.

He rolled his eyes. “It remains in my possession, do not fear.”

“I know that,” Pilbus whispered. “I would have sensed it otherwise. But we would like to see it again.”

“You will when the time comes. Now go.” He said it with a note of finality and turned toward the window.

Pilbus bowed, trembling, and left the room.

Avalan parted the curtains and watched as Pilbus hurried down the sandy beaches below and spoke with the sailors milling about. After some jawing, the they all got into a small rowboat and made their way steadily through the foam-tipped waves toward a larger ship. Minutes later they set sail.

The Perfect Circle Chapter 5: The Clock

Avalan flicked his finger in the air and a faint bell rung. A second creature came running, also bald. But she was wore a misshapen woolen dress and rouge on her lips. She bowed.

“I’ll have my dinner now, Zabbie.”

“Very well, Sir.”

He flicked his finger again and a leather-bound book slipped out from one of the shelves, sending up a cloud of dust. It opened neatly in his lap. He flipped through the pages and paused at a page at the top of which the words The Power of the Circle were written in large fancy letters.

“The Three Sisters of the Circle,” he whispered to himself, “Stone – I have that … Glass –I know where that is… Ring…” he looked up. He knew it existed – it must – he could not be sure… but if the others did, this one must also. It was all about symmetry. The power of the Sisters lay in their symmetry. That was the power of the Circle, after all.

Zabbie came in with jewel-encrusted plates heaped with food, but he was no longer hungry. It was all happening now–there was very little time left. He must think. He must go. He caught up his cloak in one hand.

“Sir, your food…” she whispered as he left the room.

“I am no longer hungry.”

“Sir, your audience is in the waiting room. The first citizen to see you has been accused of calling Lady Deirdre part-fish.”

Avalan ignored her. He was tapping his finger on the desk, deep in thought.

“Another one is accused of being dishonest in trade… would you like to…?” Her voice trailed off. Avalan was still deep in his thoughts. She licked her lips and said what was really on her mind. “Sir, the Stone… Can’t I see the Stone?”

Avalan glanced up.

“ Perhaps if I could see Gavace... perhaps he would let me see the Stone.”

Avalan frowned. “You know that know one ever sees Gavace. He has given me absolute power.”

“But Sir… the Stone… I only want to see it. To know it’s there. So do all of my people.”

He sighed exasperatedly and clapped his hands. Two creatures of his own size but strong, muscled, came in. She fell to the ground, clasping her hands in silent mercy, but he ignored her and shut the doors. Then he flew down the steps to the dungeon.

Although he had visited this room every day for many moons now, it still bothered him to hear it. The striking of a clock, its circle filling the room, its sound filling the entire dungeon. He had lived a long time without seeing or hearing the sight or sound of a clock, and now he had welcomed the object into his very home. Each time the hands ticked he was consumed with anguish. But it was a necessary anguish, for there, right in the circle of the clock, was the key to the future.

Avalan gazed at the inscription on the base of the clock and looked back at the circle. On its face was a painting that haunted his dreams: the stone, the glass, and… the ring. He had them all but the ring. But only the humans could find it. He would have to wait. And waiting was one thing Avalan could not stand.


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