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The Personal Malady of the Public Social Butterfly

Updated on February 7, 2013
Searching for the beauty in imperfection.
Searching for the beauty in imperfection.

Struggling with overcoming a personalized cinder block

Known as exhaustion by making the wrong choice

Deciding to stay up till the closest stroke of midnight

A razor sharp edge between being a night owl

And tempting the fate of a responsible working woman

Punching in the perpetual time card of reality

Without dragging two dead weight known as feet

A zombie of epic proportions that can't think straight

Without falling out their swivel chair

Would rather twirl around their cubicle

Than do anything of constructive merit

Counting down the days until the weekend

Time to recoup some lost time from Dreamland

Searching for a social life that can be clearly remembered

Not erased by the stroke of Monday morning

Ready to fly off to sleep for the next eight hours

Can't wait to gain some missing perspective.


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