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The Philosophy of Socrates: Part VI

Updated on April 25, 2013

A Student:

Light has begun to fade from the sky Socrates...We have been here all day...why must you make me sit like this,

My legs are cramped...crossed like a spider about to spin its web...I feel tired...havn't eaten anything either,

Socrates...are you listening...your just staring out into the calm nightfall air...please answer me know I need your advice,

I can hear the waves from just below the cliff we're sitting on...the sound of birds making their way home from the afternoon recess, tell me something...oh good now your looking...your eyes gleaming at mine with a sense of establishment,


My you have no resolve to keep silent?

Has the Worlds meticulous ways brought an end to your patience?

Do you really wish to end your meditation to simply go home and sleep?

Why not sleep here...Will the Gods really have you eaten by some mysterious creature?

Nighttime has no harm...Do you wish to leave? Do you want to Stay?

I hold you back none you see...You ask because you think I lead you...Don't you lead yourself?

Patience is a Virtue...Is it not?

Calming winds and the smell of salty winds do more for your soul than you think doesn't it?

Freely you speak of leaving...but freely you want to stay and lift your soul into your unknowns...Am I right young one?

A Student:

Yes...Yes you are Great Socrates...I'm only afraid of whats to come if I sit through the night...what awaits me,

Although I understand now...the human soul must endure painful unknowns to experience the freedom of motionless perceptions,

Satisfied I will probably become...Socrates your right...Maybe I should sit here just a few more hours...see where this takes me...I'll be quiet now.


Do you wish to speak your hearts true desires? Young man...nighttime will show you allimperfections non-existent in daily day to day life...don't you understand?

Well you will my friend...Won't you?

A Student:



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    • BakerRambles profile image

      BakerRambles 6 years ago from Baltimore, MD

      Nice, I like the quote.

    • profile image

      Sueswan 6 years ago

      Another great hub. In silence we can truly listen and find the answers.

      "Patient is a virtue ... Is it not?" This brings a back a memory from my childhood.

      My grandmother had a wooden plaque that hung on the living room wall at the family cottage. It read:

      "Patience is a virtue

      Possess it if you can

      Seldom in a Woman

      Never in a Man"