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The Pianist (A Poem)

Updated on September 6, 2011


A string tapped and played,
Breaking the glass of silence.
Soothing and yet ruthless,
Breaking rules like stones to a fence.
Pale fingers moving swiftly
Horizontally on the scale.
Nothing would interrupt
This soft, poetic tale.
Adrenaline pumping
Through his veins.
Fingers are aching
But ignores the pain.
Sweat comes down
And hits a key.
A finger touches
Where the sweat used to be.
The music changes
And the mood does as well.
The crowd sits in silence
As their hearts swell.
The musical notes move
As smooth as a calm pond.
It seems that the piano
And he have a special bond.
The last chord struck,
Signaling the end.
He stands up next
To his shining, black friend.
The crowd stands,
Yelling for an encore.
He sits down again,
Playing a little bit more.
People leave the room
As time goes by,
Leaving him alone
As his music flies.
He leaves the piano,
Pure black and alone
Only for him to return
Tomorrow to come home.


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