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The Picture Of Innocent Confusion

Updated on April 29, 2014

The Picture Of Innocent Confusion


It was a pressured situation,

he had to let himself think,

but he couldn’t even blink,

the strongest emotion he felt was fear,

as he cocked his own weapon

against the suspect’s ear,

his mind was quiet and a bit taciturn,

but the adrenaline would continue to burn,

there was so much commotion,

but his guard would not fall,

as he kept repeating to the suspect,

up against the wall

or I’ll blow your head off,

it was an empty threat,

but he said it with a certain flair,

if he had pulled the trigger,

he’d be writing reports for the rest of his career,

then explaining it over and over to Internal Affairs,

he shoved the suspect roughly

against a bedroom door,

his trigger finger wanting so much more,

as another suspect was on the floor,

the picture of innocent confusion

was just an illusion,

the detective knew that was it,

the suspect fired two shots,

like a cold-blooded piece of shit,

took the life of a hard working man,

and a father of two,

was only at the apartment because he had a job to do.

No More Fighting


Every Muscle ached,
he blinked his eyes
at every blurry scene around him
foul stench, heavy smoke, and lots of flies
filled the air,
he squirmed as he tried to stand,
almost as if he was offered a dare,
but he just stayed where he had fallen,
voices heard, but none calling,
he tried to remain calm,
he wasn’t trying to be abusive
where life was holding death over him,
then he realized where he was,
war- torn fields, explosions, fire,
turmoil and everyone is in dire,
then no more pretend, no more fighting,
death calls,
he falls,
life stalls.

© 2011 Frank Atanacio


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