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"The Pigeons of Kennedy Plaza" by Eric Wayne Flynn

Updated on December 26, 2013

"The Pigeons of Kennedy Plaza"

Huddled in a corner to find warmth, to poor to fly south

Dried up feed; crumbs caked on the sides of their mouths

Dreaming of great big fields; visions flapping down to peck on gold

Ignorant, pea brained birds, out here squabbling, bickering in the cold

Unwilling to sacrifice or too dumb to care

I pass by as they peck, feeling their beady-eyed stare

Envious ol' birds, victims, swindled... fair game?

If the birds were me and I were thee...the game remain the same?

Blind eyes to the sky, wings that won't fly, frozen feet, stuck to the ground

Numb minds won't ask why, they just rather cry, hoping you acquiesce to the sound

Damn birds, don't you know? Life is filled with snow; flakes fall, then they lie, often they flake out

Y'all are stuck in eternal winter, even in summer you freeze your assets off, that's what we man be all about

I walk alone, a figure, a man...The enemy; yes that be I, forgive me I plead

But if I alone, sprout wings of my own, I would not only fly, forgive me I'd like to lead

So get your act together you birds that flock, you never see the job that has to be done

Ya gotta tar n feather them big birds with green wings that flap their way to the sun


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    • Eric Flynn profile image

      Eric Wayne Flynn 4 years ago from Providence, Rhode Island

      Thanks for reading and the support Robert, ha Metaphor Master, I'll take it.


    • JPB0756 profile image

      Robert A. Joseph 4 years ago

      Well, Eric, nice to see your passion and your "double-blind" verbal tricks have only improved from Hub to Hub! Metaphor Master, as a Citizen of Providence and ground space competitor with those pigeons when crossing KP, superb work.