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The Sexy Plastering Job-Paid in Kind-An Erotic Tale

Updated on February 2, 2013

The Sexy Plastering Job-Doing the Inevitable-


A Sexy Tale of Erotica, Lust, Lies & Deception-Book Review

Short Story Review by Dale J Ovenstone:

Warning: Just Be Careful Who You Employ in Your Home!

Jobs in folk’s homes are mighty common indeed, getting the contractor in to do some upgrades, plastering work, finishing off a few ceilings making the walls good & presentable ready for painting for his customer but, why should one such guy, Joe the builder, intentionally go about employing a stranger, a plasterer, with the sole intention of deceiving the poor guy, you know, getting him to do all that plastering work with the notion of not paying his way at the end of the job, & more importantly, how can the innocent plasterer detect he’s getting knocked by this tyrant, how far into the job must he go before he realizes, he’s been had?

This is what happened to our antagonist Mark.

Normally, Mark lives by his motto of 'don’t do unto others what you’d not like done to yourself' and he’d just about gone this far into the job at Joe's house working day after day for this guy before he even realizes, something negative is in the air, but as it happens, Mark carries onward regardless, just in case, not all people are bad come on, I mean, he’s done all this work so maybe, just maybe, there is still hope that he may get paid after all!

Another problem soon arises, Mark continues to work for Joe, at an empty property, day after day hoping Joe will fork out his dues and the question bothering Mark right now is, he doesn't even know where Joe lives. You see, he's working in an empty property Joe owns.

Mark had never even met this stranger before, Joe answered Marks advert in the local newspaper, so therefore, the question posed is, how can Mark get his well earned money?

To make matters worse, the only form of contact Mark has is through Joe's sexy wife, Kathy’s cell phone number & boy, they only met briefly, when she arranged to meet him to price the job a few days earlier.

But this lady is one mighty ignorant bitch indeed, he'd rather cut his losses and not see her ever again.

Kathy's so rude, stuck up she's obviously better than anyone else. She reeks of money but none the less, she should be locked away in a cupboard and the key thrown away for all eternity with a downright dirty stinking attitude like she portrays.

Right now Marks pissed off. But, this strange woman is his only hope, to get the money he’s earned over the past few days, but any contact with her breaks down as soon as it begins. Kathy's impossible to communicate with.

Mark has finally had enough, he's about to pack up his tools, get off the job but not before he throws a few random nasty texts Kathy's way.

Now, he's speaking his 'real' mind. No matter who he upsets. But, as usual, she just haven’t got the time for classless fools like him, she's got style & she knows it. Sexy little Kathy's so rude!

One evening, whilst out with his best mate Dave, having a drink, Mark has an amazing insight! You see, Dave works in a building supply yard and the best part is, he actually knows of Joe the builder, and more importantly, of his devious 'contractor knocking ways' and bad intentions but more sensationally, Dave even knows where Joe lives!

This is a blessing to Mark as he now has an address he can go to, to harass his tormentors! You know, go get his money, even if it does get a bit sticky in the process!

He may have to go back on his very motto of 'not doing unto others what he'd not like done to himself'!

Mark teaches Joe & his wife a lesson in life they’ll never forget! EVER!

When there's jobs in your home that need the special attention of contractors and builders, just be careful who you let in!

Available for download or preview on Amazon, click the link below.

Regards. Dale Ovenstone 2013


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