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The Plight of the Unknown

Updated on June 30, 2017

The Plight of the Unknown

How near is near

When you only depend on someone's time frame

How enough is enough

When you live by the concept of adaptation

Through the nucleus of good hearts

In the jungle of intelligent minds

There's a statue of goodness and intelligence

Inherent with kindness and righteousness, though her weakness seeks

One writes but who gets the credit of wisdom

One works but who enjoys the fruit of hardships

Mysteriously it seems

By the name of a secret mediocre.

How long will you endure

How many hardships will it take

Isn't it time for new divergence

Isn't it time to ask yourself.

Am I leading to wrong direction?

Am I hoping for worthlessness and nothings?

Am I just poor humankind,

stepped on, used and abused...

Are they wearing masquerade,

Palstic, stained porcelain glass,

In the midst of whatever personality they have

To God, I lift up my haterd, selfish thought and anger.

Am I fooled?

Am I blind?

Though, I know God is always by my side.

And I know He will never let me down.


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