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The Plurality of the Self

Updated on March 13, 2010

Sometimes I am stranger to myself,

     a vestige-d image of a soul.

So that knowing, I am neither, nor;

     lending oneself to altruistic ism`s.

Foretelling as if a foreboding,

     of this same body; me and I.

Stands content and afar, away

     from its lonely shadows, showing.

Two persons, two lives

     who knows how many, more.

Possess the body and its forms,

     in present perfect, knowledge .

Confronting the self with clearness,

     far from fictions, taken.

One person for each visage

     in times of singularity, yet pleural.

Escaping within myself and without,

     each not knowing, the other.

How it is or for whom it is,

     Yet all is one; for one alone, even more.


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    • pocketaus profile image

      pocketaus 7 years ago from Australia

      Very powerful way to express you are split in two.

    • cupid51 profile image

      cupid51 7 years ago from INDIA

      This is really amazing! You have portrayed the real image of every soul. I sometimes tried to express the same in some of my poems. But your's is the greatest! Thanks George.

    • profile image

      Trudee 7 years ago

      It is wonderful. I like it Thumbs up!!!!!

    • Moulik Mistry profile image

      Moulik Mistry 8 years ago from Burdwan, West Bengal, India

      Wonderful, simply wonderful - very deep and poignant...

    • AdamGee profile image

      AdamGee 8 years ago

      Very interesting, George. This has a really nice flow. I often feel myself split as well, as I were two people, and I'm being pulled in two directions. Thanks for sharing this!

    • Angela Blair profile image

      Angela Blair 8 years ago from Central Texas

      Absolutely fascinating -- thanks! Best, Sis