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The Poem I Wrote to My Crush Whom Is 1.5 Feet Taller Than Me

Updated on November 28, 2016

Taken Brethren, Given A Sea Of Souls, call it cunt pudding

Thank you cunt

to discern


problem That

at once was reverence When all together I found a chance To act


and blind:myself

as an emblem
One that signifies

what I lost Problems




From a heart that took



cost Reverie


to realize a limitless

plot lain Two steps along

a course And nothing still

unsolved Reconciliation

from the wise horse What is

taken, is too

absolved Three

remain in my mind As my memories rejuvenate Wisdom that

you said


kind Gives

to me words from a soft palette There remains a water droplet Sunk

out a spout in silent suspension


does wait to come and bullet An

anticipatory mark with good tension From mouths & heads of babes a word Emits sound, scent & sign that what's lured


Why I Write Poetry

Poetry to me feels like a journal entry that is interpretive of what I watch & notice about myself & my world around me. As opposed to a drill like writing an essay, writing a poem especially a haiku- that provides a game play amount of structure- is a free form exercise, is an interpretive dance compared to a strict ballet point routine

It feels expressive & freeing for me to escape through my writing.


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