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The Poetry of our Lives

Updated on November 24, 2013

Poetry is a revealing of one's inner soul.

Poetry is words written and spoken from the heart.

Poetry is an escape from an evil hole,

Poetry is a sharing of that which we are a part.

The poet speaks in words that surely rhyme,

A poem may paint a picture on the written page.

A poem may never make its owner a dime,

What value can be placed upon a poetic sage?

Poems may never have a rhythm or a rhyme,

only to tell of feelings long held within.

written on a whim, of an imagination, sublime,

or on thoughts that have festered, to begin.

Poetry is an image seen in a crystal pool,

an expression of feelings from a benevolent host.

the sum total of a life, be it sane or of a fool,

with its purpose meant to raise glasses in a toast.

all rights reserved and copyrighted materials

the imaginative mind
the imaginative mind


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