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The Poet's Madness

Updated on March 30, 2015

I am the mad poet.

I am the madwoman scribbling

away like Emily Dickinson. It

seems I can't get my thoughts

and emotions out fast enough

they've been locked away so


My pen flies across the

page. I know naught what I

say. What do I care for

analysis of my work? What

do I care for poetical devices

and measurement? I don't want

to be in a box. I am a fox

quick and clever. All I need

to do is pull a mental lever

and my creative juices flow

as from a dam.

Will I ever be considered

one of the great poets? I

have no idea. I write because

I like to write and entertain

those who wish to read.

I am a teacher, feeding

information to those who

wish to know. I try to

go with the flow.

I am fascinated by language

and poetry is my therapy.

I may be warped, but boy

am I a joy as I see everything

differently. Oh, the possibilities.


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