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The Polyamorous Tango

Updated on March 29, 2013

I lay down to try to return to sleep, knowing I will not get it again so soon

You reach your arm out to embraces me

Your touch is warm and strong

But cold and hurtful at the same time

I do not know whether to stay or leave

Your words say one thing

Actions say another

This ring a symbol of promises

That at this moment in time I choose to not fully believe

Am I to become one of your harem?

Second best

Never first

Never good enough for what you need

Maybe you should have taken more time for yourself

More time for yourself

To whore out

After all I cannot give you everything that you need

I cannot accept being one of many

When you say that you imagine me in that's wedding dress

The day of our wedding

The day to me means I bind myself to you

And only you

But it sounds as if you have different plans


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