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The Precious Timeline of Fate

Updated on March 28, 2017

The Inception

The clouds gathered and spoke their blessing, then the church bell rang and they moved apart casting perfect light on the ceremony. I sat in the pews and watched the videographer carefully position himself to capture the entry of two tiny tots staring down an aisle of watchful eyes. How nervous they must be? I thought. But those gathered there watched in awe at how divine they looked. Charmingly the two young jewels step forward. They were little Marco and little Miss Ashley. Little Marco was smartly attired in his gray vested suit and a milky white shirt with a peach bow tie and a comma band and a pair of black shoes. He stood holding a pillow and the pillow held a symbolic part of the wedding; the ring. His beautiful partner little Miss Ashley was wrapped in a Cinderella peach dress, also wearing peach head band, milky white stockings, and gorgeous white shoes. In her hand a cocktail of petals. She herself a bright and beautifully colored flower walked with grace and confidence beside her partner; they both marched down the aisle with perfect timing and synchronization as if they were adults. It seemed as if they were the ones getting married as they became the center of attraction for everyone present, I thought to myself could this be a small piece of a puzzle in a masterpiece.

Doppelganger Moment in Time

The innocent little gems played their part in a tale that had only begun. Separated by seas and ocean after the ceremony there were many miles between them and they grew up not knowing much of each other until another family wedding summoned them to part take now young adults they exchanged thoughts, they quickly became friends but only to communicate briefly as they were again yanked into opposite direction and with many miles between them; they grew up not thinking of each other in the light that shone on them after those clouds parted. The tides rose and fell and the earth spun and the tide passed. Marco went off to university, seas, and ocean now removed from their distance, the magnetic pull of destiny brought them to meet in place unknown to them both and caused them to reunite but for lack of faith and the strength of lives lived in between made them as immiscible as oil and water and they turned their face on destiny.

Separated by Seas

It's not Coincidence It's Destiny

The sun came and went and time passed. The water had evaporated and left the oil alone to mingle. The stars had finally aligned and there was nothing no more between them and the two fell deeply in love. Now with the same grace and charm that they stood with as toddlers, they stood with now as adults to pronounce their love before watchful eyes. I have captured the awe and splendor of destiny and I now know that this story must have a happy ending.

Pay Attention to Your Coincidental Happenings and let Them Point You Towards Destiny


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