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The Price Of War

Updated on December 13, 2009

Hidden Cost Of Conflict

War is a violent confilct between two parties. Often the conflict is prolonged by interfering parties. The parties who interfere have a profitable concept of war. Many people do not calculate the real cost outside of lives. When war is declared there is a group who profit regardless of who wins. These people go unnoticed constantly. Preparation are made to keep the conflict going to profit as much as possible. Allow me to use one soldier for and example. The battle attire, One uniform, boots belt, backpack, helmet, weapon and miscellaneous gear. Now multiply this by forty or one hundred thousand. The countries military must contract out the manufacture of the mentioned items. Once the soldier in on the battle field against his fellow combatant the destruction begins. Not only are people destroyed but cultures, belief systems, educational system and are replaced my the winning combatant. Take for instant when Julius Caesar invaded Egypt and burned the Library. It is impossible to replace thousands of years of manuscripts and knowledge that took years to accumulate and check for correctness prior to publishing. Another example of this is the arrival of the Conquistadors, the amount of information they destroyed in their thirst for gold. The conquistadors destroyed an entire way of life and replace it with their own. The conquistadors were catholic and had been lead to believe that the people were heathens. The person dispensing this information was certainly living in a world of illusion. Recently In Veracruz a discovery was made of writing more than 3000 years old. This writing seems to be connected to the Olmec culture. Had it not been for wars maybe some one would be alive to translate the writing. Now what you have are archeologist and scientist speculating.


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