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The Prince In The Beauty And The Beast Story

Updated on September 30, 2014

Beauty And The Beast


The Beast In Most Cases

He knows nothing about the girl he is to meet. She is just another person that can fall in love with him. This girl is normally the youngest daughter, if not the only daughter.

In most of the tails, it does not matter who the girl is she goes with him then becomes a princess. There is no stories of other woman who failed to live happily ever after.

The beast is cursed by someone. In order to stop the curse, he must marry or die.

This is purely written for fun. I always wanted to know more about this guy. He always seemed so gruff. What is going with this guy?

Beauty and the Beast By Joseph Jacobs

The guy is already a monster by the time he is introduced into the story. He cares a lot about punishing people for stealing his things. He does require for a merchants youngest daughter to live with him. He treats well and she is waited on by invisible servants. Also, in the end he lets her father and her siblings to live with them.

This prince is very mysterious. All that is said about him is that he has a castle, servants, and a magic spell was placed upon him. His since of justice is very great.


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Disney Version

The Beast is a large creature that has been cursed by a witch. He must find his true love before the rose loses it's last peddle.

He is not above using kidnapping to try to gain the favor of any young lady. He does not have much hope for falling in love.

His troubles have to do with never being able to be human unless some woman marries him. He is sure that is not likely to happen to him.

Beauty and the Beast By Basque

This prince is turned into a serpent. He does not enjoy people taking anything from his garden. When a king takes from it he tells him that he and his whole kingdom will be killed unless he brings back one of daughters.

There is no sign that he is evil. His threats must have to more with more about his own enchantment. Also, he is not going to die if he stays a serpent.

Beauty and the Beast - Tale As Old As Time [HD] by Get the 411 on Disney BluRays

Dating The Beast

You will be first whisked away to a castle with invisible, or beastly creatures. You may have to eat alone the first night. Or, you will need to marry him right away.

He is not going to be around much until he becomes the prince. There is no telling what this prince is really like only that he is rich.

Not much talking will be done on the date. He is to guilt you into marrying him over a short period of time.

How To Marry HIm

This man will not be easy to fine. Your father will have to find this man for you.

Always have you father pick you up something from a garden on his way home from long journeys. Make sure he picks it up from some unknown garden. The garden will always have the flower you want, so don't worry about what you ask for in the first place.

When your father comes back with the flower, accept it. This is key to having to meet the beast.

The beast will know who you are even if he is being tricked. After, going with the beast you will have to eventually marry him to brake his curse.

Remember, this beast will look great once the curse is broken. Marry him and live happily ever after.


The beast does want to marry. He is not going to date other girls or cheat. This is the type of guy that only has one problem. He is either is not human, when you meet him.

The result of being nice and falling in love with this prince gives you a nice palace. Oh, he turns into a prince. And, if everyone from your past was nice to him they can come live at the palace, too.


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