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The Prince Of The Cinderella Fairy Tale

Updated on December 5, 2014


1950 poster of Cinderella
1950 poster of Cinderella | Source

Cinderella; or, The Little Glass Slipper

He has the invitations sent out to his own ball. This prince has been given more power than the others who simply have to have the king order to hand out the invitations. This prince can throw has own balls.

He not only has Cinderella dance with him but sit, and eat with him.

The prince is able to give speeches and is able to exchange pleasantries to his guests. He has the power to send someone to find the wear of the glass slipper.

This is the prince that knows Cinderella when he sees her. However, he does not leave the castle.

He is also able to accept that her family does mean something to her even if they treated her poorly. He allows them to have better lodgings.

What The Tails Have In Common

The prince(or in rare cases king) in every tale is presented after the introduction of the would be princess. This character has the power over choices his own princess.

This prince has the power to order others to search for the shoe.

In most of the tales the prince only cares about the shoe and not the looks of the girl that wore the shoe. There are only a few times when the prince suspect that he might be tricked.

For the most part, the prince has the power to give the new princess say if the people from her past are cared for or not.

All of them have no name. They are only known as king or prince.

(Most of my research is from

The Cinder Maid

The prince is the king's only son. He dances with many women but when Cinder Maid joins the dance, he does not dance with anyone else. The prince also prevents her from leaving by calling his solders to stop her.

The prince does have a one track mind. In his haste to find a bride, he paid no attention to what the quest would have others doing to get try on this shoe. He is a man that gets in his mind that he wants something and he is use to getting it.

Also, this man is not use to traveling long distances to get what he wants. The soldiers and servants get the item for him. This might explain him not knowing how to go about finding the owner of the shoe.


The prince has no say on who he will marry except for that she will be at the ball.

He does have the ability to ask his servants and solders to look for the girl. Also, he has the power to leave the castle in search on his own.

In this kingdom, the king has most of the power.

If Disney Princes Were Real by BuzzFeedVideo

Katie Woodencloak

The prince has the maids make his bath for him. Also, he does not care for ugly, nosy people.

The prince is able to attend church with other people. He can also talk with anyone. He does not like it when ugly people are around him.

He is not a nice man and the maids are scared of him.

The Sharp Grey Sheep

The prince is the one that give her wooden shoes.

This prince leaves his wife to marry another princess.

Ashey Pelt

He has the abilty to have very good hearing.


This is a poster for 2015's Cinderella. As you can see, this is not going to be easy to dance in this slipper. This glass slipper looks very breakable, so don't drop this slipper at the end of the night. Place the slipper on the stair or on the floor
This is a poster for 2015's Cinderella. As you can see, this is not going to be easy to dance in this slipper. This glass slipper looks very breakable, so don't drop this slipper at the end of the night. Place the slipper on the stair or on the floor | Source


He is able to look for her. Also, he is able to keep livestock.

Fair, Brown, and Trembling

The prince has a magic sword that can tell who the identity of his wife. He has the ability to shot.

He can also go to church with other people.

The Hearth-Cat

In this one, the king marries her. And, he has the power to kill the stepmother and her daughter.

Disney's Cinderella Official Teaser Trailer by Disney Movie Trailers


Would you want to marry a man you just met this quickly?

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This is only a small model of the palace. If this is life size this man would not be a prince.
This is only a small model of the palace. If this is life size this man would not be a prince. | Source

What He Has To Offer

The prince has a title to offer the woman of his choice. Any of their future children would have titles, too.

She would get to live in the same place he lives in assuming he wants to stay at the castle. This would include servants to do everything for her.

The princess would not have to ever be a maid or lift a finger for anyone, ever again.

A happily ever after ending. This ending would give the girl happiness until her dying day.

He also has the ability to kill or give her parents and their siblings property.

She gets to live in the castle.


For Cinderella, she never has to go back to being a maid ever again. She will need to provide him with an aire to the throne, as he is often the only child. I am guessing this must be a male aire. This could be part of the happily ever after clause. However, a mistress taking a mistress is not a big problem back in that time.

There is no say if the helpful person or animal friend or godmother ever helped Cinderella ever again. However, it is possible that any living friend or helper might have been given some sort of help. She is the princess, after all.

Untold In The Fairy Story

We know little about this prince. We only know that he is looking for a princess. He is very charming and looks great with lots of money.

It is unknown if Cinderella has any surviving family members in most cases. This is also true of the Stepmother.

A Dress

This is only one dress. If your prince has three balls, you will need two more dresses. I would go to your local fairy godmother for advice. There may also be forest animals to help you out, too. Good luck!
This is only one dress. If your prince has three balls, you will need two more dresses. I would go to your local fairy godmother for advice. There may also be forest animals to help you out, too. Good luck! | Source

What It Takes To Marry This Prince

Be the fairest of them all even when wearing no makeup.

Don't worry about how you treat people, just be pretty. He will like you, if you are just nice to others.

Get one or three ball gowns to wear to his ball.

Glass shoes. Don't forget to leave one behind.

Be able to be a maid, just incase you don't get your prince.

Willing to go on a quest to be away from your family for the rest of your life.

Rely on others to defend you or give you orders.

You need to know someone who will let you have a dress.

At the last minute, have your special friend be able to get you very clean without much time to waste.

You will need to live near a castle.

Why That Girl?

There seems that the world is sounded by the image of the perfect prince. He must be a two dimensional character that exists only to marry one pretty girl.

Why is the prince marrying that girl?

She is pretty? Maybe. What I think is that he was going to pick someone from the party. We only get to see everyone arrive to the party and he greats them. Then, he becomes bored and wants to get the party over with before he has to dance with everyone.

Then, something great happens to him. A bad girl arrives to the party late. Yes, she is the bad girl because is not on time. I am sure that his entire life everyone is one time or early.

The bad girl goes against social norms to make herself stand out in the crowd.

What happens after she arrives?

The prince nearly stops the party for her. I am sure everyone in the party has practice dancing or taken listens for the party. However, the prince ignores all of those normal people.


She only dances twice with him. Once, on the dance floor and once outside.

Wait, Outside? Alone?

Yes, in some tales she goes outside to dance with them alone. The prince has a lot of power. In that time, he could have taken her innocence and she would have to let him. This would be a trait of a bad girl. Anything could have happened with him.

He loves to be teased by this girl.

A prince actually runs after the girl. After, the clock strikes 12:00, instead of having his men who should be close find her, he runs after her. On this night for some reason, there are no guards outside.

She does have a title.

In some she is the daughter of the king, so that makes her a princess. Others, she is the daughter of a baron which makes her, "The Honorable Miss Cinderella." There are some titles that he is a lord which makes her, "Lady Miss Cinderella."

Why does the prince search everywhere for her, if he thinks she is a princess or someone with a title?

I am guessing that he had never seen the girl at court. He has met a men and nobles that have pressed him to marry their daughters. I am sure, the daughters have visited him in passing or maybe they had a cup of tea. He might have spent time searching in not only kingdoms but homes in hopes she was visiting them or on a holiday.


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