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The Prize

Updated on January 20, 2013

The Prize
Roy Blizzard III © 6-17-2012

In the early, faint light of dawn I saw her striding eerily
Out from the darkness which had enveloped all,
She seemed to tread upon the very rays of the yellow orb
Which was burning across the horizon,

Closer she strode, her head held proudly as a
Mighty warrior of valor, treading upon her victory,
Silently she came to me, a broad sword sheathed on her hip
And a parchment clutched firmly in her hand,

Her piercing eyes looked through me, my heart and soul
Lay bare before her, then slowly she passed her prize to me,
Beholding her power and acknowledging her gift
I stretched forth my hand to receive it.

What is this cherished and guarded gift
That one such as her should bless me with?
Carefully I unrolled that soiled scroll of great value,
And my eyes affixed on the words,

She spoke not a word as my eyes welled with tears
From the reading of her precious prize,
Then softly but sternly she whispered wisdom to me
As I raised my eyes to thank her,

The Freedoms of the world are hard fought and dear,
But easily you can give them away,
Don’t be deceived by tempting words and gifts,
Which only serve to reduce your strength,

People in power more often than not
Will always fall prey to the hunters,
Be ever vigilant for the selling of souls,
For money and power attract evil.

Abrogation to others has destroyed the many,
So don’t let our lives be in vain,
Hold to your freedom and liberty cherish,
Don’t be a slave without knowledge,

She turned and left me, heading back Eastward,
Her words piercing me to the core,
It was then I decided and vowed to myself,
To defend this idea with my life,
The Constitution of the United States of America!

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