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The Prophecy of Love

Updated on March 6, 2013

W. K. Hayes

Author | Source

The Prophecy of Love


Though Fate be cruel with a hand most unkind

Our hopes, our thoughts and our words, intertwined

We wait patiently for the day that will surely come

When our hearts can finally live together beating as one


To look in your eyes is to see the future I will live

To hold you with these arms is the dream that we give

Hope for tomorrow when I can hold you for life

Dreams of losing sorrow and broken-hearted strife


Kiss, these lips tenderly, hold them close, and say, ‘I love you’.

Give yourself completely and, this love will be faithful and true

Hold me with your love and touch my pleasantly

Kiss these lips gently, softly and love, me endlessly


For I will love you beyond the realm of time

When we shall be together and you will always be, mine

Stay here in these arms and kiss this man, forever more

Make love to this man beneath the stars, woman adored


Let these lips touch your bare shoulder with a tender kiss

Whisper in this ear and tell it what you desire and wish

Feel the touching of these hands rubbing your back

While pressing you deeply into this chest with gentle tact


Touch this chest and kiss these lips for this love is true

Hold this love, gently in your light and let our love ensue

Feel these kisses on your neck although this is but, a dream

Soon this love becomes our reality; this vision shall be, seen


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