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The Psychic You- into the future

Updated on December 22, 2012
Psychic thinker
Psychic thinker | Source

psychic you

Sit down, relax and gaze upon a mat black covered rectangular object. Let your eyes release their tense gaze and stay open as the muscles unbend into a soft unblinking stare. Your mind is still active with the events of the day as you slowly relax even more. The black void in front of your eyes seems cold and lifeless just a small dark area of nothingness. You hold the image in your mind through your eyes as they become even more relaxed and tend to give a double image. This means your eyes are conditioned and remaining open as your whole body starts to relax. Your mind now begins to focus into the blackness trying to pull images from the quantum substance in your brain, tiny particles smaller than an atom that exist within the brains core. This is the quantum ethereal mist. We leave the black board for a moment in trying to explain this fundamental force.

This mist can take you on a voyage of discovery into unimaginable worlds and existences that coexist alongside our own. The perceptions of the traveller released in feelings or emotions. The state of mind you are trying to achieve is likened to the early morning as your brain awakens. There is a small period of time as this happens when your awareness of the quantum state becomes real. You are half awake and half asleep in this short period of time and open to other realities.

You may hear a voice calling your name as though someone is beside you in the bed such is the reality. You may witness several scenes, some tranquil some violent. For instance you could be in the centre of a huge firework display the noise and violent explosions shaking all around you. You will ‘feel’ it more than see it except for the pattern of flashes. The voice calling your name may be gentle or sharp and urgent. The tone of the voice gives insight be it welcome or warning. Your name being shouted should cause apprehension a warning of something to come. A soft and gentle voice is a greeting showing you love from an unknown source. The state of mind that occurs in a waking dream can plunge you into a future event causing others to believe you are in a state of madness. The physical brain and mind is conditioned to repel such anomalies and degrade the recipient.

We are conditioned to remain and live in a physical environment but underneath that physical shell are other realities. Clairvoyants, astrologers and psychics tap in to this quantum essence that is located out of time. Therefore, time predictions cannot be made causing many of them to falter in this area. Such a future incident seen could happen 3 to 5 years hence. There is also a chaos chapter in future predictions – the possible, the probable and the actual. There are many branches of time that can change the actual outcome.

Returning to the black board is just another method to help you feel and acknowledge the wonderful quantum force within you. Contemplating the board for 10 minutes or so relaxes the mind and places it into an ‘awakening state’ (Like the early morning awakening previously mentioned.) Once you reach this level you will witness shadowy shapes moving in different directions across the board. Your ethereal essence is now ready to function. Depending on what you are allowed to witness; your mind will not throw you into danger, whether it is something in the future or in the past. The shadows will turn into full colour images of whatever you need to view. This will astound you and in doing so may crash you out of the sequence. Yes, the startling fact is that you will be looking at a full colour image on a blackboard. An image conjured from the quantum essence in your brain.

I wish you good luck in your efforts to achieve this goal.


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