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The Puppet' Words - Life Of A Puppet

Updated on June 6, 2016

I am a puppet of clay. I have a heart of gold, eyes that glow, caring nature, sense of humor, kind ways but perhaps a few more days. My prays for the people I love, hopes for the future, fears of losing the loved ones and tensions of not being able to help them. My life is crystal clear but as confusing as thousand mixed puzzles. What I can't say is what cannot be understood, what I say is sometimes misunderstood. Sometimes I fail to tell what I feel and how important someone or something is for me and sometimes with all my efforts I still fail to tell what is the reality for me. Hear my screams, hear my appeals, I am innocent, believe me.

I am not the perfect one but I wish my imperfection be appreciated at times. I want to be liked for what I am, I want to be loved for how I am, I want to be as important for you as you are for me, and I don't want things to be extremely difficult to bear. My emotions flow down the slope; I want someone to stop them from vanishing. I don't want to get lost in the dark; I don't want to be the part of storms. I don't wish to turn into a stone cold human; all I wish to be is a better, strong human. I don't want anyone to suffer in any way; I want things to be luminous for all. I want to save every-one from the pain of losing, bearing and seclusion. I want to be a miracle for my loved ones. If I can't change my life I want to bring a good difference at least for others. I want joy for them not myself anymore, I might give up in a couple of hours, days, months or years.

It's a great feeling to have someone who adores you, who misses you when you are not around, who cares for you, who truly admire you and is always around you. I have my odds now it's time for a change, Oh! God! Let everyone I love be as happier as rain. Let the pain evaporate and love stay, let today be better than yesterday, let tomorrow be great and fearless, let the minds rest and the heart work hard, let us love every creation of yours. Let the change come and free our soul, from the memories of the past, from the pain that lasts ... from everything that hurts and from the burns that cursed.


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