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The Quest of Life's Journey

Updated on August 10, 2012

The Journey

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The Quest


Questioning the Soul as to why we're here

Understand the Real reason for life

Each beautiful being here is so dear

Striving to find Peace in this world of Strife

Trying to take on the world with no fear

Searching for the bond built by man and wife

Questioning the human heart in this time

Understand how we all Hope to find Love

Each perfect person will live their own rhyme

Striving to live with Love and rise above

Trying to stay happy ‘till the last chime

Searching for the Love that fits like a glove

Questioning the mind as to what is real

Understand that true Love is the mission

Each sweet soul should sing how they really feel

Striving to seek out the best condition

Trying to find Hope to Help this world heal

Searching to fulfill awesome ambition

I see life as a journey, the great quest to find happiness and answers to the mysteries of life. I try to appreciate and learn from every moment of my life. I know that we can not get a second of time back so we must make the best of what we have here and now at all times.

I hope you have enjoyed this poem, may it give you some joy on your journey.

Best wishes.


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